Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Eradicated Marijuana at Several Sites on Monday and Tuesday

HCSOAccording to Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office,on Monday deputies served a search warrant along Hwy 36 in the McClellan Mountain area. Hanson said that his department eradicated 385 plants that were three to five feet in height. Plus, he said, they found 196 pounds of drying marijuana. No one was found at the site. Hanson also said that the Department of Fish and Wildlife was looking at evidence of environmental violations. The situation is still under investigation, Hanson said.

Yesterday, he added, his department served three search warrants along Hwy 299. 352 plants between five and seven foot were found in total. 587 pounds of processed marijuana was also found, he said. In addition, an AR-15 was also located with two 30 round magazines.

One man, Francisco Ferrari age 35, was arrested on charges related to weapons violations. The Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating evidence of water diversion.



  • More pounds than plants.

  • On a lighter note, Redwood Creek has gone underground in spots. Sorry, not a very light note. I am not sure if it is caused by diversion or the fact that the DROUHT is really bad.

    • I’m not sure what area of Redwood Creek you’re talking about but if you Google Map the area of that recent bust (erroneously called Sabertooth Rd) you will see many large scenes. Weird how they left them all alone while only pulling down the one. Who can describe the strategy or rationale of these busts? On the other hand…Redwood Creek flowed nearly dry in spots of that stretch back in drier years of the 90’s before the proliferation of grows out there. And some of those folks store their water in winter. So I’m guessing it’s a mixture of causes.

  • VanDuzen is gone by 101.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      It usually is by August or September even in good years. Huge sediment load for all the well-known reasons, plus the severe drought.

  • East branch has been dry for weeks.
    In 1964 South Fork stopped flowing at Meyers Flat, that was the summer before the flood.

    • Thanks Ernie, that is an important bit of information I did not know before yet is very important in terms of understanding where we are now.

  • They keep finding these huge amounts of “processed marijuana.” Do you suppose they really mean bud, or is this just garbage bags of trim someone was too lazy to compost?

  • It’s kinda silly shouldn’t these sheriff’s and fish and game maybe be helping out with all the crazy ass fires it was raining ash in garberville today we are literally surrounded by fire at this point just a thought

  • I am in agreement with the idea that there are plenty of “Bigger Fish” to worry about. Not impressed with departments laziness

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