[UPDATE 7:25 p.m.] Horse Fire Today

Capture1UPDATED Below: The Horse Fire is now 50 acres and only 5% contained.  The blaze which is burning about six miles northeast of Shelter Cove (see map above–two red dots next to the ocean) was reported yesterday morning. 

The fire burns in heavy timber and thick brush in a remote area. Engines could not get near the fire yesterday. Dozers have been working on roads and fireline. Large aircraft has been dropping retardant, Helicopters have been dipping into the Mattole River to drop water on the flames. And, handcrews have been laboriously working to contain the flames.

Crews are on a 24 hour rotation so yesterday’s crews are expected to have left the site with fresh crews replacing them today.

UPDATE 7:25 p.m.: The photo below shows the Horse Fire yesterday but it’s now grown to about 250 acres as of 4 p.m.


UPDATE 8:07 p.m.: Photo from a reader of a double rotor helicopter getting water for the Horse Fire.

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  • Can the aircraft fly in this fog?

    • If there’s just fog lying low at the Tanker base, they can use instruments to fly through it and get above it. If its there and in the fire area, they would have to wait. Heavy smoke is worse, it can clog the engines, so they can’t fly in that. Either one does delay the air resources, though.

  • Ashes dropped in Redway but I am not sure which fire they are from. I hope the Horse Mountain fire has high humidity today.

  • Which fire is responsible for the few yellow dots southeast of Rio Dell?

  • First choppers of the day.

  • Is it called the Horse Fire because it is in the area of Horse Mountain? BLM changed the name of the road formally
    known as Horse Mountain Rd., as per timber maps 1960, to King Peak Rd. This is the road that runs due North from
    the SC Rd. before you start down the hill.

  • spectacular air show

    • I loved the four engine Ilyushin IL-76 ( i think thats what it was). Dual DC-9’s one after the other, whoooowie.

  • Tried to post this earlier, but must have messed up my email address: Why does BLM get to change the name of historical roads? Horse Mt. Road has been between Wilder Ridge Road and the Shelter Cove Road since I moved here 40 years ago, and has been changed by BLM and Humboldt County since then. The King Peak Road didn’t exist before then. The King Range Road leaves the old Horse Mt. Road and goes to the end of where MRC put the roadway to bed where the old proposed Hwy 1 tried and failed to cross the slide in the west fork of Honeydew Creek (before the Lightning trailhead to King Peak). It connects with the Saddle Mt. Road, after it leaves the old Horse Mt. Road, creating a loop, now, as there’s no where else to go but circle around, since the rest of the road has been put to bed.

    I think that when the signs went up off Wilder Ridge and the Shelter Cove Road that said: ‘To King Peak’, the road got its new name. Not correct, in my opinion…too confusing.

  • Aye “Poppi”, She burn HOTT! Thank you fire fighters…..;0

  • Patsy cline nicaragua

    John can ya mow my lawn?

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