Convoy Headed South of Garberville

marijuana in the sunHumboldt County Sheriff’s Office was reported to be heading south of Garberville about 8:30 this morning. Reportedly there were three cars, four pickup trucks, one with a chipper, and Department of Fish and Wildlife truck.



  • They just drove past palamino estates on east branch road.

  • I just saw the cute little 4 man helicopter doing a loop around Blocksburg area. You know the blue and white one.

  • And they raid careful all.

  • The blue and white jet ranger headed west on Briceland Road around 11:30.

  • 19 greenhouses at the end of the road… Clearly medical…

    • There are more legitimate patients in California than supply can provide, so yes, it very could well have been medical.
      The legitimate demand far exceeds the current supply.
      I know it’s difficult to grasp but there are people working on the figures.

      • I don’t believe demand outstrips supply in California, Those big greenhouses are all about big money, I have no sympathy even if they have a “medical” pretext. Pushing the envelope so they can cram it with cash.

  • They are trying to keep the meeting hush in eureka, …All pilot programs must get passed through legislature and be voted on by the people but here in humboldt they are trying to sneak it passed the American People.
    Loiks like our supes are just as corrupt as all other douchy ones begore let’s not have them take our freedoms and rights , wake up humboldt! Stand up and take a stand otherwise we ll end up like the rest of this jacked up police state

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