[Update 4:43 p.m.] Structure Fire in Manila Area

Scanner traffic indicates fire crews are responding to a structure fire the 100 block of Carlson Park Drive in the Manila area. Crews were requested before 2 p.m. The first crews that arrived on scene found people at the residence were attempting to contain the fire. We’ll update when we find out more.

Update 2:21 p.m.: The fire turned out to be a vegetation fire, and it has been put out.

Update 4:43 p.m.: Press release from Arcata Fire:

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McKinleyville, CA- (Month Day, Year)- Shortly after 1:00 P.M. Arcata Fire District

responded to a reported structure fire in the 1100 block of Hayes Road in McKinleyville.

The fire occurred when the owners set the oven to “self-clean.” Fortunately, their smoke

alarms sounded and alerted them to the fire. Firefighters controlled the oven fire and were

removing smoke from the house when Arcata units were dispatched to a structure fire on

Carlson Drive in Manila.

Battalion Chief Sean Campbell arrived on scene in Manila first and reported the fire was

actually a vegetation fire and it was threatening a structure. “I knew I needed to protect the

structure so I used my water extinguisher to slow down the fire until the engine arrived on

scene” stated Battalion Chief Sean Campbell. The house was protected and undamaged.

Ashes from a wood stove discarded in the yard caused the fire.

According to Campbell, “It’s a real challenge for us to cover 62 square miles with three

engines, and when we have incidents on opposite ends of the District, we have to rely on

our neighbors to respond with us.” Humboldt Bay Fire responded with an engine to Manila,

but the fire crews at scene controlled the fire quickly and the Humboldt Bay engine was


These fires also highlight two basic fire safety issues. First, working smoke alarms save

lives. Remember to test your smoke alarms monthly. Be sure you have a smoke alarm in

each bedroom, the hallway and on each level of your home. Arcata Fire District also

reminds residents to be extremely careful with your ashes. Before discarding them, they

should be put in a metal container with a metal lid; soaked thoroughly and stirred to be sure

the ashes on the bottom are getting cooled as well. For more information on fire safety

contact Arcata Fire District at 707-825-2000.


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