PBS Airs Interview With Local Folks About End of Life Care

Local doctor Michael Fratkin’s new startup Resolution Care with local families and caregivers will be featured tonight on PBS. Press release below.

resolution careResolutionCare, an innovator in providing palliative care medicine services, is being featured today on PBS Newshour in a segment about how the organization is making a unique contribution to America’s changing healthcare landscape. The program airs tonight—August 18th—at 6:00 pm on most PBS stations nationwide.

“The old healthcare delivery and reimbursement model, where volume based medicine was the name of the game and doctors were paid based on many procedures they provided, is well and truly over, thank goodness,” said Michael D. Fratkin, MD, Founder/Director of ResolutionCare. “At ResolutionCare we are pioneering new healthcare delivery and reimbursement models by meeting an acute shortage in high quality, compassionate palliative care and being reimbursed based on the value that we deliver to the patient and caregiver—an approach that is now gaining national recognition,” he added.

The PBS segment on ResolutionCare features local families and caregivers who are under the organization’s care, in addition to ResolutionCare team members and associates discussing how their practice is contributing to the national conversation about healthcare and the changes that need to take place to ensure higher quality care and better value for all Americans.

Local Broadcast Information (Humboldt County, CA):

  •     ‪KEET HDTV TV Channel 13.1 at 6:00pm and Midnight‬‬
  •     ‪KEET World Channel 13.2 at 7:00pm‬‬
  •     ‪PBS Newshour Live Stream http://www.ustream.tv/pbsnewshour at 3:00pm‬‬

About ResolutionCare

Founded in 2014, ResolutionCare is a pioneer and leader in community based palliative care using telemedicine and telementoring to bring capable and compassionate care to everyone everywhere as life approaches completion. A tandem organization, ResolutionCare FUND, an educational, non-for-profit, fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives and ResolutionCare Professional Corporation, ResolutionCare is dedicated to providing and teaching the highest quality of palliative care and harnessing the opportunities provided by cloud-based videoconferencing technology to care for people with serious illnesses entirely in their home. Team based and person-centered, ResolutionCare supports quality of life, empowered decision making, and self determination for people navigating life’s greatest challenge. The company is headquartered in Eureka, California.


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  • Kristi has been so brave throughout the years she has dealt with her illness. She’s such a beautiful person. I’m going to miss her very much. Barbara and Lenna took such good care of her. And I want to say that Kristi and Barbara have given so much of their time to others who are sick. I have never seen anything like it. So many people….they were like their own little hospice group. They stayed with many people who were transitioning. They took care of many people throughout many years. Good people. Good memories. I’ll always hear her laugh. I love her so much.

    • I love these women and always think of the love and care they give to others. To be held at the end and beginning of one’s life is such a precious gift. What strong and sweet arms you have.

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