Mendocino Commet Eradicated 5546 Marijuana Plants Today

MAccording to KMUD’s Terri Klemetson, the County of Mendocino’s Marijuana Eradication Team (COMMET) was in the Cahto Mountain area today where they eradicated 5,546 marijuana plants. Yesterday, COMMET and CAMP were in the Piercy area where they said they removed approximately 6,700 plants.



  • Sequoia sempervirens

    Keep up the woodwork. Real news, real time, real Humboldtian U R!

  • All your information is great for our community ! Even if it’s short and sweet , thanks for keeping us informed !

  • Agreed, in-depth informative and news that really matters to our community, thank you Kym

  • thanks kym, and I personally hope commet/ camp keeps going hard on these big grows. There is no reason why someone/ there crew should be growing THOUSANDS of plants. Its just straight greedy.

    • I AGREE!! i think bud should be legal but know one should have over 100 plants even 100 is a lil over the only way i am ok with big grows like that are if there properly set up and licesed and legal and are being marketed to med clubs MOST LARGE GROWS ARE SETUP BY THE MEXICAN CARTEL AND THOSE ARE THE TYPE OF GROWS AAND PEOPLE THAT MAKE MARIJUANA LOOK BAD …………….IF WE WOULD HURRY UP AND LEGALIZE IT THOSE ASSHOLE CARTELS WILL HAVE ONE LESS SOURCE OF INCOME TO FUND THERE MURDERING

      • I agree with your result but I disagree with your mexican cartel statement. I know a bunch of white Americans, nice people even who grow huge numbers. I don’t like what they do. I would never roll on them. They are decent people who are caught up in the get-the money-before-it’s-over strategy. They have multiple properties w/ many minions pulling tarps all over the county. I think this is now fairly common for large operations to be spread out geographically to better play the odds. And most of them are not Mexican cartel. There is some organized crime money invested here also- some Mexican, some Mafia-affiliated, some eastern European, etc. This area became a safe place to invest in these schemes and make the money over the last 15 years. Blame Gallegos and short-sighted weed enthusiasts who couldn’t see the larger picture of who would be interested in coming here if we obviously made it an easy return on investment. And…who can blame them? It’s like blaming large corporations for taking advantage of a loophole to make huge profits. That’s what they do! We were never really a hidden bubble here. We were noticed and then they all came!

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Blame it on Gallegos? He was the one who tried to work with P215 unlike Mr. Farmer Who talked a conciliatory line until p215, then did everything he could to obstruct and block it, instead of working with people from the ground up.

          You think it’s fun to go through a weed bust, especially in the old days? Illegality was and is the real issue. That’s always been it. As Ed Denson has pointed out, no one has to clearcut 30 or 40 acres for a commercial weed garden. An acre or two is plenty. Like all agriculture, it comes down to water and acreage. Thousands of acres have been sacrificed to timber and grape production. Cannabis doesn’t have to be that way. Everything you complain about is due to non-regulation and illegality. Complaining about people wanting to make money is a non-starter. Why should we be different than anybody else?

  • @Jackstraw – Well said.

    • Kym,

      Thanks for your continued coverage of Mendocino, no one in Mendocino covers us as quickly and efficiently as you do. Please keep it up! I’ve been tuned into your posts since the Lodge Lightening Fires last year. You’re stuck with me now.

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