Donation of $1000 to the Sheriff’s Department for Evicting Tenant

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

HCSOSheriff Downey is pleased to announce and accept a generous donation of $1,000 dollars for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office by Eureka resident, Gay Toroni- Morrison, owner of the Green Point Ranch and her husband, James Morrison. The donation was in recognition of the outstanding performance of Deputy Rondie Buzzard.

Gay Toroni-Morrison is the owner of the 300 acre Green Point Ranch located off Highway 299 near Lord Ellis. Recently a two week long civil hearing was conducted in Humboldt County Superior Court to remove a tenant off her ranch, who was refusing to leave. After the trial, Mrs. Morrison obtained judgement from the Superior Court Judge to have the tenant and his cattle evicted from her ranch.

Mrs. Morrison then contacted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division. Deputy Buzzard was assigned the eviction process against the tenant. Mrs. Morrison said Deputy Buzzard facilitated a quick and professional eviction process against the tenant. Mrs. Morrison said the tenant had started vandalizing her ranch improvements after the verdict. Without the timely response from Deputy Buzzard she said it would have cost her further costly legal actions.



  • It’s so lame that we have to sue people nowadays just to get them to do the right thing

  • This lady,”Gay”, is one of if not the most corrupt, law breaking landlord on planet earth! I have very close ties to people that have rented from her up on that ranch. Everything a landlord is not allowed by law to do, she did it and would then threaten that “she has her friends with the sheriff’s department”. This is not a joke or rant. It’s the truth! Her syblings who are also land owners up on that hill are almost as bad as she is. Bottom line, that lady’s corrupt as hell and has now made it public by “donating” money to the cops to have a legit tenant evicted. Who’s to say she didn’t pay the cops prior to the eviction. I’m ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!!!
    Thanks a bunch for putting it on your site and bringing it to my attention. Good job.

    • As long as you are givin’ all this info up; does she grow pot too?

      • She doesn’t need to! while I lived up there, it wasn’t a dope growing hill like most might think. We all just loved having our own space and liked being away from town.

  • At first I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Evictions are in the sheriffs’ job descriptions. And tips are supposedly verboten, and he’s going public with a fat tip he should have turned down, like the deputy had been delivering pizza? But then it struck me that this could be Sheriff Downey’s only way be showing this woman for what she is to the whole community.

    And, it isn’t always so darn easy to move your livestock off rented pasture… especially when any profit you might have been expecting for the year won’t be coming for most of that year. I’ve seen people lose their rented pasture before and it’s hard to bear someone who KNOWS you can’t manage it quickly forcing you to manage it on THEIR schedule. Problem is: unless you have an ironclad lease agreement that specifies you can’t be booted off without a specified long enough notice, you have to rely on the sympathy of a land owner who might be flush with cash but low on sympathy.

  • Tipping well can insure good service in the future. Wait,…I thought it was illegal for an officer to accept any kind of gift or money.

  • They call it a ” donation” so it’s legal…such b.s.!!!

  • Sheriff Downey,

    How about using the 1k to get a goddamn law enforcement presence in Garberville/Redway? You need to leave your office and drive there. It’s a zombie apocalypse and there is absolutely no fear of the law. Your petty asset siezure busts are doing nothing to improve the quality of live in those two towns.

  • Second that for willow creek. We just lost our beloved RiverSong natural food store to a likely arson. This would be about the 200th property crime in willow creek this year and very little being done about it.

  • So do we have to tip them to get them to start busting meth labs and meth head felons who have guns???
    Or are they getting paid more by meth heads to leave them alone???

    • Lawless-in-eureka

      It is a bribe after the fact. She was probably happy to have avoided more expense and was rewarding Downey for that gratitude. Maybe they are old friends. Trying to sell it as a donation was most likely a move to make it public before someone could call it a tip.

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