CHP Vehicle Involved in Accident Near Weott, 101 Partially Closed

chpstarAccording to a CHP spokesperson, Hwy 101 is partially closed at Weott for an accident involving a CHP vehicle and another car. The accident occurred about 3:15 p.m. An ambulance is currently en route for an elderly female patient complaining of pain to her face.

One lane is closed in each direction. Please be careful in the area.




  • Does anyone know who the elderly woman is? Is she local? Hope everyone is ok.

  • I’ve been complaining of pain to my face for a few days. Hope she wasn’t trying to get her face to the ER when this happened. Not the optimal way to get there. 🙁

  • Hope we get more info. Scanner said center lane blocked. Head on?

  • Looked like the cop tried to flip a bitch on the freeway in front of the lady and she hit the side of his car. (Just from seeing both cars) Hope that’s not the case given that it happened right at the off ramp. I’m sure if that’s the case they will find some way to blame the lady.

  • Looks like the cop tried to flip a bitch in a real bad spot . I don’t see why it’s ok for them to do that ever . If it’s so dangerous then no one should do it . Cal trans pulls this shit all the time too .

  • I’ve seen some very close calls due to them flipping around like that,most of the time they aren’t even responding to anything,they don’t go speeding off or turn on their lights.


    was the cop on his cell phone at the time? the lady should have her insurance company gain those records. texting cops are dangerous cops when they are too focused on their cell phone to care about other’s safety.

  • Tristan Blackwell

    My buddy watched this happen, saw a lady on the side of the freeway with her hazards on so he hopped out to see if she was ok, he ran across the freeway and the cop stopped to say “hey you can’t be on foot on the freeway it’s dangerous!” Then he went to flip a b*tch and drove right in front of this poor old lady

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