[UPDATE 8:23 p.m.] Lassic Fire Bursting Seams, Sheriff Evacuating Residences Now

Lassic Fire from images taken last night.

Lassic Fire from images taken last night.

UPDATE 8:07 p.m. View of smoke from the Lassic Fire.


Photo provided by a reader.

UPDATE 8:23 p.m.: The homes that are recommended to evacuate are very roughly located in the blue circle below. Lassic Fire is to the left and the Gobbler Fire is to the right. Further to the right is Ruth Lake and the Pickett Fire.




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  • Oh hell!!!

  • Tax paying American’s have built the largest military the world has ever known. We have thousands upon thousands of helicopters (with trained pilots, & support crews for every one.) setting idle. Not to mention the hundreds of huge bombers.
    Environmental purists can make an argument in favor of wild fires being part of nature. however after 5 years of drought these mega wild fires are not natural. They are an unpresidented environmental disaster.
    The beauty and inspiration of our local forests are being destroyed & lost for generations to come. (A few tourists may want to visit to see the miles of rocky blackened land, & burnt stumps, & silt filled waterways, but not many.)
    We have advanced to a stage in our technology that we can extinguish these wild mega fires.
    There is no reason why a fleet of 50 helicopters, & bombers are not here now making short work of this unpresidented & ever growing natural disaster.

    • Thanks Razooly don’t know if you still own on that back road .But good comment hope that place your place makes it. The Damage to the soils really worry me we could be looking at brush and hardwoods sad

    • Thanks for this comment.

    • Phineas Homestone

      Looks like you may get your wish:

      Active duty soldiers will battle Western wildfires

    • Apparently some CA National Guard choppers are now assisting with fire suppression.

      It makes sense to me to use other government planes as supplemental fire fighting resources. The National Guard might be the most appropriate branch.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yes, it ‘s true that fire is a natural component of California eco-systems. Yes, fire can be regenerative. No, I don’t want to see your house or anyone else’s burned up. It’s fine with me if there is more military involvement in fire control. Better that than militarizing the police.

      I’m sorry for the property loss. Let’s hope for normal rainfall for a few years and we could have fantastic deer hunting with all the new browse. Catastrophic rains would bring massive landslides. Good luck everybody.

      Just T. Razooly now? Not so great anymore? Living in nature is a humbling experience.

      • I agree Lost Croat Outburst. Nature has been using fire for eons. I personally would rather see careful sustained logging and specific controlled burns on a regular basis but I guess that’s not going to happen, so we get what we got.

    • I’m pretty sure the military helicopters and planes are all set up to start fires not put them out!

    • A week or so ago 10 or so National Guard trucks full of firefighters went thru Redway. Quite a sight.

  • Funny, I’ve been yelling for the last week about so many fires not being fought, just tended to try to keep them within some kind of bounds and my friends have been trying to talk me down with excuses about there being so many fires there aren’t the resources to get tankers and choppers and more firefighters to them. I keep yelling just about exactly what T. Razooly is saying hereinabove, and they’re all going quiet on me… like, oh, there she goes about “adults” and “taking responsibility” and “living things being more important than money” again… crazy old commie….

    And I’m just about ready to go ask someone at the ER what to do about my nostrils not getting clear of the notion that my house might be on fire, the headaches… is it because it’s been too smoky for more than two weeks to put in my contacts or is it the smoke itself… is it okay to wake up every morning with a headache this bad and my eyes glued shut? And I have it better than almost everyone because I’m near the ocean and there’s a tiny bit of breeze and fresh airflow.

    So I’m thinking we should be making some phone calls to see if we can’t make SURE T. Razooly and I actually get our wish. This is already epic environmental devastation, and the toll on people and critters doesn’t need to be THIS high. Already it will be a miracle if the local salmonids make it through this catastrophe, and pretty soon there could be a really bad community health situation as well.

    We do have the ability to make short work of these. We DO.

  • CANG and active duty military have been on these fires since July 31, just as they have in many previous years, with helos, modified C130s, and “boots on the ground.”



  • I would like to see each of our state fire departments have their very own helicopter and pilot on call. These lightning fires could be put out in one day.

    I don’t understand the let-it-burn policy. I guess it helps the fire fighter’s paycheck. Well earned and well deserved as it is. The state of Calif. needs to replace their retired fire airplanes. I think the money spent fighting these fires could have been spent differently. Our land would be dry and green not brown and burnt.

    • Yes the military has the helicopters, bombers and manpower but are these pilots properly trained to fight wildfires? If this drought in California continues I hope the military (since their main goal is homeland security) will gear up on training and equipment to fight these devastating wildfires.

    • I am a firefighter. No One is “letting these fires burn”…The National Park Service sometimes does that under controlled weather and fire behavior conditions in remote Wilderness areas. We are now, and have been, fighting these fires for full suppression. But we don’t have enough Fire crews. We are low on the State list for resources, as other fires are closer to cities. Call your Congressman, see if they can get more Military here. We are running ragged trying our best here, living away from OUR families and homes, sleeping in tents on the ground for 14 days straight in 16 hour workdays..People called for Forest Service to cut jobs, said the FS was fat….here’s what can happen when we cut firefighters due to public pressure…we get complaints, and snide comments…..as people sit back and complain…

      • Thank you for all that you do.

      • I can’t begin to imagine what you and the thousands of other fire personnel are going through. I am thankful for what you do. I do not live out in the wilderness areas currently affected by the fires, but if ever a fire was close to my home…I would get down on my knees and thank anyone who is helping. Yes, there are not a lot of resourses available. It’s sad, but true. You and your fellow fire fighters are doing the best that you can with the resources that you have. Again, thank you!

      • Thank you for your tremendous effort! Hope more resources are coming very soon.

      • Well said and thank you for being on the lines. Many have no idea of the extreme topography and the way the wind up here is wildly unpredictable.


    You folks are seeing first hand AGENDA 21 and it’s plan to depopulate areas and return them to nature. It sounds cool until your property is in the area and permits won’t be issued to rebuild your burnt down home.
    There is much more going on here than some disorganized fire fighters letting things burn.

  • I love how everybody squacks when it’s in your neck o’ the woods. Fire management Forest suppression has been going on for years. THEY want you discouraged enough to leave THEIR new world in the making without so much as a whimper. You will leave the ugly land and gravitate to THEIR truly awful future…

  • Wish there was a like button. I’d def. hit it for your comment 8:55 am!!

  • Have talked to a number of National Guard troops who are here bivouacked at the Eel River con camp. They have been fighting fire for two weeks. They are awaiting reinforcements from another group of guards men and women that are currently being trained at Camp Roberts. The entire northwest is under going an intense fire emergency and resources are stretched very thin. I have worked with guard choppers on past fires and its not that easy. Crews have to know what they’re doing and smoke and weather conditions can have a great effect on how they attack a fire. I read that the regular Army has been called out in Idaho due to lack of resources. I have seen equipment from as far away as New Mexico here in Garberville.

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