Trinity River Flows to Be Increased For Hoopa Tribe’s Boat Dance Ceremony

Information from the Bureau of Reclamation’s webpage:

DeptInteriorOn Sunday afternoon, Aug. 16, 2015, the Bureau of Reclamation will begin to increase releases from Lewiston Dam to the Trinity River in support of the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s bi-annual Boat Dance Ceremony. The increased flows in the Trinity River will be adjusted at rates that protect the public and fish and wildlife.

The increased releases at Lewiston will raise flows gradually from the summer base flow of 450 cubic feet per second to a peak of 2,650 cfs by around 6 a.m. Monday, August 17. The peak flow of 2650 cfs is expected to reach the town of Hoopa, Calif. on Tuesday, August 18.

The flows will be gradually reduced at Lewiston beginning about 10 p.m. on Monday, August 17. The releases from Lewiston will continue to decline until they reach the summer base flow again, around 10 p.m. on Thursday, August 20.

The ceremonial flows are separate from the Trinity River restoration and potential release of fall flows. Initial estimates of the downstream flow rates and timing are preliminary and typical minor fluctuations can be expected. As always, the public is urged to exercise caution when recreating in or around the Trinity River.

For more information, please contact Reclamation’s Northern California Area Office at 530-275-1554 (TTY 800-877-8339).



  • Silver Back Guerilla

    Some Dams are a good idea…there would not be any water for the river if Lewiston Dam was not there.

    • do you know about the clear creek diversion tunnel?
      the lewiston dam was built for the sole purpose of drawing water from the trinity drainage and pumping it into the sacramento river for irrigation use in the San Jauquin Valley. The Trinity River would always have water otherwise.

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