Suspect Breaks Windows in Joe’s Smoke Shop, Steals a Bong


Front door of Joe’s Smoke Shop after the early morning attack. [All photos by Haida Bob]

An individual broke glass in the door and window of Joe’s Smoke Shop on 5th Street in Eureka about 4:45 a.m. today. In total, approximately $3000 in merchandise was taken, said an individual known as Haida Bob who helped cleanup. According to Bob, “The window will be the second $1,800 window to be replaced at the same store.” Only last month a window was broken out and other items were stolen.


Rock used to break glass.

The owner will be making some upgrades to his security system, Bob said. “He stated he will be upgrading his security of windows with metal Bars; and alarm system re-activated today. Also new flood lights outside of building as it is very dark at night outside his store.”


The window may have been broken but the “flag was still there.” 



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  • Great idea!So sorry.thats a bad mom’s house a block away was broken into as well sucks really sucks.good luck to you

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