Oh, Deer, Will Cannabis Insurance Cover This? (A Local Company Really Is Offering to Insure Your Crops!)

Deer marijuana-1-2

Deer and a few small cannabis plants… [Photo by Kym Kemp.]

Press release provided by the John Ford Insurance Agency:

The John Ford Insurance Agency, a full-service company based in Eureka, is pleased to announce that it now offers cannabis insurance. Policies are available for indoor and outdoor grow operations, dispensaries, physicians who prescribe medical marijuana, testing operations, and landlords whose tenants cultivate, test, process and/or sell cannabis.

Owner John Ford says he fielded numerous requests for cannabis insurance prior to the decision to make it available through his own agency. With experience in both the insurance and real estate industries, he is well-positioned to provide this service locally.

“The people who insure their cannabis businesses are doing business right,” said Ford. “Medical marijuana grows are already legal in California, and I think it’s only a matter of time before anyone who grows responsibly will be able to do so legally.”

Before a grow operation can be insured, they are required to have an inspection from a licensed electrician and an approved alarm system. Other requirements depend on critical business functions.  Coverage is available for theft, employee dishonesty, and workers comp.

Insurance is also offered for landlords. In the past, some have been startled by insurance policy cancellations due to their tenant’s marijuana operations. Ford’s agency offers coverage that removes that worry while adding a liability policy, and more.

“This insurance can be a financial lifesaver for so many,” said Ford. “I think about the fires raging right now, and just know there are medical and recreational marijuana grows out there that lost a lot and are still in jeopardy. If they had the right cannabis insurance, their losses would be covered.”



  • You might want to try hyping up the eureka meeting where big government is going to try to go around legislature and the american people, to set the sprowel creek water pilot program into stone!
    Why arent you writing about this?
    All pilot programs have to go through legislature and also be voted on by the american people!

  • Which insurance company?

  • NICE! small plants indeed! Who needs deer fencing with those monsters? Let the deer do your leafing for you.

  • The grower told me that the deer never touched his plants–they just ate the green grass in-between.

    • He’s lucky then…the deer are extra nasty this year. Had to fence everything (which never had to do before) and they are still causing havoc. starting to think that I’m dealing with some unicorn deers that can fly or possibly even teleport.

    • I can see that the deer would not eat the pot plants if there was lush green grass available. But right now there’s not many places where there’s fresh juicy browse. The deer are working over the tan oak stump sprouts.

      I just saw someone’s garden yesterday where they put their plants too close to the deer fence. It was an easy beginner mistake to make. Deer fence with 6×6 mesh lets the deer put their snouts right through and grab the limbs while pushing on the fence. This was just a small medical garden with a few plants, so the loss was significant. They also ate his sunflowers. I had some chicken wire and we put it up and tied it to the deer fencing which will block them from reaching through.

    • Love that photo. Those darn quail love to jump into my plants and break a few limbs doing their quail thing.
      The drought seems to have all the critter around Fruitland on a see food diet.

  • How Much? A Buck? Oh that’s bad…

  • Would it cover paranoid growers that hear a noise in their crop, open fire, cutting down the plants only to find it was a deer?

    Most growers don’t even have car insurance and they will get crop insurance? LMAO!

  • Wow!!lmao.Really,no way this is gonna work unless the gov.is gonna get something out of it.and how would you value it?I’m sayin no insurance com.around here could be that dumb.like buying flood insurance,when you live on a hill

    • It floods in the mountains, too.

      Flood insurance would also cover water damage to your home if say your washing machine broke while you were away.

      Better check those connections!

    • It’s actually been working since 2010. I personally have insured several local grows and dispensaries. The requirements vary between grows. Some people who have lost crop during the fires we’re insured. Those crops are covered.

  • How much pot can a deer eat??

    • That’s sort of like asking a rancher how many sheep can a mountain lion eat. He’s going to tell you one is too many.

      The problem is not how much the deer eat—it’s that they often break off the whole branch pulling on it.

      From both a rancher’s and grower’s point of view, a loss of a calf, sheep or a pot plant is dollars out of their wallets.

  • Humboldt, land of the happy cows, deer & firefighters.

  • How much pot would a large deer eat if the large deer did eat pot?

    Say it three times fast.

    • Only if your not stoned.And reg.home owners policy covers your washer if it or water heater goes out.been there done that!!

  • Oppps if it floods when your not home .sorry

  • Are there stoned deer stumbling to any safe place they can find? Ironically they are being smoked out of the forest, it’s man against nature right now

  • Those are the most beautiful plants I’ve ever seen in real life or in any picture. Props to this farmer. Kym can we get another pic just before harvest? Do you know the flavor?

    • I’ll have to ask what the varieties are. I know one was a C4 but other than that I’m not sure. I’ll see if I can get back to take more photos.

      • I’m sorry to have to tell you that picture is total Photoshop. The deer is from another picture so is the bear behind the pot plant. Also the pot plants are three pictures stitched together. You can see all this just by blowing it up. But it’s still a fun image

        • It is not a photo shop. I took the photo. I tried to blur a white pipe at the bottom but that is all. I’ve already posted another photo that I took from the shoot. I don’t know what I need to do to prove it’s real but if you don’t trust me on this, then you shouldn’t trust me on the news.

  • Nice photo Kym. That deer’s antlers are “high”.

  • I would be happy to legally remove 2 bucks from your property lol

  • Wow!! something to be proud of.

  • I’m a little suspicious of the deer pic. I notice some grass on the same plane as the buck is sharp while the deer isn’t, and if it is to scale, that hog wire inside the plants has awfully large squares. I suppose it could be motion blur, but there isn’t much reason to shoot at a low speed in the middle of the day. If it is photoshop- very Nice Job!!

    Also, deer are browsers more than grazers. I’ve seen deer eat plants and not much of the lush green grass around them. Unless the plants are sprayed with something yucky.

    • That isn’t hog wire.

    • I took the photo. And I was trying to grab it before the deer moved so the focus isn’t perfect. But if you click to enlarge you will see another deer tucked in to the right of this one. Why would I bother to photo shop in a partial deer? If you like, I can give you several other photos that didn’t turn out that were shot before and after this one. Here’s one.

      I don’t know why the deer eat plants at some places and not others but the grower told me that his plants have been unfenced for years. The only time the deer bothered them, he said, was when he used to tuck them into spots in the wood where there wasn’t any browse. This is in a large grassy meadow.

  • Forgot to add the photo.

  • deer don’t eat weed…

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