BOLO: 2001 Green Subaru Stolen

11828680_1069090169767761_3882194300605625109_nOn Monday August 10, this light olive green 2001 Subaru was parked on the Maple Hills Road in Southern Humboldt because it’s power steering had failed. Around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the vehicle was discovered missing when the owner arrived to get it towed.  The vehicle has a white surfer girl sticker in the rear left window and a piece of plastic on the right front of the car is missing. The Lic# is 5GMY931.

The owner says there was broken glass where the vehicle was parked so it is possible there is a broken window on the right side of the car. If you see this car, please report it to the California Highway Patrol.




    Maybe they didn’t pay the toll bill from the picture and the towing company grabbed it? Maybe someone wanted to use it for an artificial reef? Maybe it’s become a trimmer hotel?

  • It’s stuff like this which makes living in Humboldt County CRAP. There are more good people leaving this county than coming in. Glad I am leaving too.

  • Whoever stole it may pay the consequence. I am hoping this case has been resolved. We really have to be very careful leaving our vehicles unattended.

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