Dirty Needles: Are You Willing to Pick Them Up?

A wagon stocked with items for use in today's cleanup.

It is a dirty job but someone has to do it. And today from 10 to noon, the Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction (HACHR), a local non profit, will once again be cleaning up needles. “We…are excited to announce our second outing into Eureka’s Cooper Gulch on Friday, Aug. 14th,” wrote Michelle Ellis who works with the group. “We will be continuing our needle clean-up work. We underestimated the area that needed to be covered last time. We are once again extending an invitation to the community to volunteer with us or to bring us your suggestions/ concerns. ”

Ellis explained that all a person needs to volunteer is “closed toed shoes and gloves.’ Mostly, she said, new volunteers would not be handling needles. “Current HACHR volunteers will be handling needles tomorrow but there is plenty of other stuff to dispose of,” she said.

Can’t help tomorrow? Ellis says, that’s not a problem. “We will have volunteer applications available for future volunteer work. We will be doing regular (probably weekly) cleanup throughout the county. We could also always use volunteers for our Monday tabling sessions at the St. Vincent De Paul where we distribute hygiene supplies and educational materials.”

The group also wants suggestions for future clean up sites and for other areas of concern that the group could address.  “We really want to hear from Southern Humboldt! What can we do to help? What are your concerns for your community? said Ellis.

Contact HACHR via their Facebook.



  • Thanks for the heads up.i will be helping.years ago I was cleaning the flower box’s at work,and got stuck with a needle someone threw in there.had to be tested for hiv,scared the crap out of me .learned a lesson the hard way!!!


      Needles are the land mines for the gardening world, every gardener fears hitting one. Least you didn’t buy the farm…

      Never grab into a bush you can’t see through. Set irrigation times to discourage bums from sleeping in bushes. Leaves from Juniper trees can be spread around bum sleeping areas- these will cause them to itch and move to another bush. Limbing up shrubs so you can see under them will help a bum make a better choice in sleeping area. Also Casoron can be used in plantings to discourage bum use, Casoron applied as a pre emergent can be spread on the top of the planting’s soil- exposure to Casoron will give headaches and cause a lack of sleep.

      Be careful out there stay away from bums, dirty needles, and cops- life will be okay if you keep all those away from your life.

  • It would be helpful if there were real contact information somewhere for this group for those who choose not to be part of Facebook.

  • I pick up so many around my work near the mall that I got some Sharps containers, have 2 half full…

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