[UPDATE 7:05 p.m.] Day 16: Lightning Fires

The South Complex's Castle Fire on August 13, 2015. [Photo from the InciWeb]

The South Complex’s Castle Fire on August 13, 2015. [Photo from the InciWeb]

Here’s today’s fire post. As we update each incident until late evening, we’ll note the time the facts were posted so you can quickly see if there is something new. Look for the most recent general updates on the bottom but new information for individual fires are posted in the summaries below in blue.  (Newest maps of the fires here.) Those that have expanded 20% or more will have their acreage in red bold type. 

  • Fork Complex (Trinty Pines and north to Hayfork):(Current as of 2 p.m. ) 30,154 acres burned and 32% contained. Structures Destroyed: Residences 8, other buildings 4, Firefighter injuries to date: 3, Total Personnel: 2,411. “Due to an increase in fire behavior, the area of WILDWOOD has been upgraded to MANDATORY evacuation status effective at 12:00 P.M. today. Advisory-Due to an increase in fire behavior on the west side of the Peak Fire. The Sub Division known as Rowdey Bear will go into an advisory evacuation status, effective at 12:00 P.M. today…The southern closure of State Road 302 will be moved to the junction of Highway 36.” (More info here.)
  • Gasquet Fire: (Current as of 5:55 p.m.) 3069 acres burned and 29% containment. “Gasquet Fire Complex Base Camp Tour Saturday, August 15th 10 a.m. and Noon Park at Gasquet Bible Church (Located at 1340 Gasquet Flat Rd.)” (More info here)
  • Humboldt Complex (Alderpoint and surroundings):(Current as of 6:15 p.m.) 4,883 acres burned and 80% contained. Structures Destroyed:  6 outbuildings. Firefighter injuries to date: 14, Total Personnel: 1,664. “Fire growth is not anticipated on the Blocksburg, Bluford, Dobbyn, Steelhead, Wildcat or Winchester Fires.” Note that the Pine Fire is not listed here. (More info here)
  • Jerusalem Fire (Lake County): (Current as of 6:15 p.m.) 25,054 acres burned and 71% containment. Structures burned: 4 residences, 13 outbuildings.  “The burnout of the interior islands continue to threaten fire control lines. Winds remain a contributing factor for high probabilities of spot fires due to heavy interior fuels. This weekend brings hot and dry conditions with an increase in temperature into the upper 90’s with single digit relative humidity.” (More info here.) Telephone number (707) 967-4208
  • The Mad River Complex: a faller crew after cutting a large tree on the Gobbler Fire. [Photo from InciWeb]

    The Mad River Complex: a faller crew after cutting a large tree on the Gobbler Fire. [Photo from InciWeb]

    Mad River Complex (Ruth Lake and Surroundings):(Current as of 5:38 p.m.) 21,955 acres burned and 50% contained. Estimated Cost to Date: $16.5 million Injuries:4 Total Personnel: 1,243 Structures Destroyed: 2 residences, 2 outbuildings. “The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office has issued a press release announcing the lifting of road closures and evacuation orders in the Ruth Lake area: The Van Duzen Road and Lower Mad River Road will reopen to all traffic at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 15, 2015.” (More info here) Telephone number for the public information officer is 707-574-6289.
  • River Complex:(Current as of 5 p.m.) 32,880 burned and 18% contained. “An onshore flow began to make its way onshore this evening switching to westerly direction. Smoke from nearby fires will settle in the drainages tonight with good RH recovery.” (More info here.) Telephone number for the public information officer 530-276-8559. Estimated containment: October 01st, 2015
  • Rocky Fire (Lake County): (Current as of 6:15 p.m.) 69,438 acres burned (acreage changed but time of posting wasn’t updated) and 100% contained, 43 residences, 53 outbuildings destroyed; 8 structures damaged. “Resources will continue to construct line, mop up hot spots and patrol the line for several days. ” (More info here)  Telephone number for the public information officer is (707) 967-4207.
  • Route Complex (south and west of Hyampom and Buck Mt. area):(Current as of 6:46 p.m.) 26,960 acres burned and 28% contained. “On the Johnson Fire, crews continued securing line with burnout operations and additional line construction on the south end. Successful burnout operations have helped secure the east side of the fire near Hyampom and more are planned. Structure protection is ongoing in the Hyampom area. Crews continue to improve containment lines along the western portion of the Johnson Fire for a planned burnout. Aircraft are fully engaged in support operations. The Buck and Chance Fires have completed containment line around them and crews are in a patrol mode.” (More info here.) Telephone number for the public information officer is 707-574-6865.
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    Fire plane as seen through yesterday’s thick smoke. [Photo by Gary Robertson, see more of his images of the fires here.]

    South Complex (north and west of Hyampom):(Current as of 6:40 p.m.) 17,653 acres burned and 20% containment. “The warning trend will continue to settle over the fire area through the weekend.” (More info here)


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UPDATE 3:55 p.m.:

UPDATE 4: 15 p.m.: The latest information on the Trinity County evacuations and road closures can be found here.

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