[UPDATE 5:02 p.m.] Carjacking and Home Invasion Suspect Captured by EPD


Officer puts handcuffed suspect into his vehicle. [Photo by Oliver Cory]

Chief Mills tweeted at 4:24 p.m. that his officers had stopped a home invasion followed by a car jacking. The suspect and the firearm are now in custody.

We’ve asked for more information.

UPDATE 5:02 p.m.:

DSC_0620According to Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police, at 3:31 p.m. law enforcement received a call that an unknown male had entered the caller’s home, brandished a firearm, and tied up the caller and a friend. The caller said that the suspect had left the residence in the caller’s vehicle. “Officers responding to the residence found a matching vehicle,” Powell said. The vehicle raced south, eventually colliding with a residence near Everding and S Street.

The suspect fled on foot, scaled a fence, and ran through a couple of yards. Eventually, Powell said, the man was taken into custody near Hodgson and T St. According to Powell, officers located a firearm in the vehicle. Currently, Powell said, “We have detectives and officers at the scene and interviewing the victims and trying to figure out what happened.”

The suspect’s name is Sean Blackmon, age 41. Powell said that very recently the EPD had had other contacts with the suspect.




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