Warrant Subject’s Morning Doesn’t End Well After Grabbing Electrical Breaker

This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

ArcataOn 8/13/2015 at about 3:00am, a portion of the City of Arcata experienced a power outage.  The police department was immediately inundated with alarm calls from local banks and businesses.

At about 3:14am, officers from the Arcata Police Department responded to the area of 6th and I Streets on the report of a large “explosion” having just been heard.  Upon the arrival of officers, a male subject, identified as Oregon resident Chase Lee Hoopes (age 25), was seen walking inside the PG&E substation in the 800 block of 6th Street.  It was quickly apparent that Hoopes had sustained electrical burns to his body after grabbing an electrical breaker.  Ambulance and fire personnel were dispatched to the scene and provided medical attention to Hoopes.

Hoopes was transported to Mad River Community Hospital where he was cited and released for PC 602 – Trespassing and PC 593 – Tampering with a Utility Line.

It was later learned that Hoopes currently has a warrant for his arrest out of Douglas County Oregon for a parole violation.

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  • First, it would seem the substation should be locked. Second, the guy is lucky to be alive. Third, what was he thinking?

    • First the Substation was locked. Not going to say how but it is always locked and the only way in is over the fence which is decorative yet comes with barbed wire on the top. Second, If that kid is alive after touching ANYTHING in there that he didn’t know about. Yes, He is very lucky to be alive! Third He obviously wasn’t thinking. Every year or two during a 44+ year career with PGE there would be some person doing stupid shit like climbing the towers out Samoa way and climbing down the insulators until they get to close to the wires. They would eviscerate themselves and smoke a bit while they fell to earth for the last time. Those wires and the little houses they run to are the most dangerous equipment out there. They provide everyone with all there devices and TV’s Radios, lights at night or during the day they pump the water you drink they power every major in home luxury we have today, but they are unforgiving and the healing process from electrical burns is like no other. You have to heal from the bone out to the skin because electrical burns go through your body from the point of entrance to the point of exit. The least path of resistance. So, if you are standing on the ground and you touch something in the substation that is “Hot” it will run from your fingers through the bone until it exits at the point where the person is standing on the ground. entrance wounds are normally very small. Exit wounds are often very very large. with either your foot being blown off or 4th deg. burns where you are standing. and it takes less than a tenth of a second. Sorry no second chances. Final advice!!! Stay out of the Substations, don’t climb the towers or poles. Don’t open the underground vaults or Breaker Boxes. Don’t reach out from a building to touch a power line or fly a kite near the power lines. Final Final thought, If you decide to do some of these things I’ve mentioned, make sure you have kissed your Mom and Dad and all your brothers , sisters aunts and uncles good bye because Electrical burns are unforgiving you will never be the same. Google……. Lineman electrical burns for further info Electric Crew Foreman Retired 10-01-2014. Not a spokesperson for PGE or any other utility. Just a word of advice because #1 I am a Dad

  • Yes once he gets out, he can sue the city of Arcata, and PG&E and everyone else.

  • He climbed a fence I’ll bet – but how the heck did he survive that????


  • “Shocking”

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