[UPDATE August 14] Stabbing Suspect Chased by EPD, Detained

A knife attack reportedly occurred behind the old Ray’s Food Place near the Bayshore Mall about 8 p.m.  According to scanner traffic, a male assault victim had “lacerations to the face” as a result of the attack.

The suspect was chased by the Eureka Police Department and detained at the foot of Truesdale Street. Reportedly the suspect was not cooperative. Scanner chatter indicated that he was “combative.” But now officers have the suspect under control.

UPDATE 8:25 p.m.: A second victim, a male with lacerations to his back, has been discovered. A second ambulance is on the way.

Update 9:23 p.m.:


Acting Watch Commander Tim Cooper said two men were sitting in a tent talking this evening when a man who was unknown to them approached the tent.

“They first noticed him when he threw a big rock,” Cooper said.

The three men got in an altercation, which eventually moved to the pavement. During the altercation, according to Cooper, the suspect “produced a metal pipe” that had a “jagged” end and continued to attack the victims.

One of the victims sustained lacerations to the face, and the other victim had a laceration to the back.

“They’re both going to the hospital,” Cooper said.

Officers were having trouble finding out the identity of the suspect. At one point, the suspect could be heard yelling from the back of a police vehicle that his name was “Bobby Brown.”

At which point, Cooper turned and said, “He claims to be Bobby Brown.”

An officer carries the evidence to a police vehicle.

An officer carries the evidence to a police vehicle.

UPDATE August 14: According to Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department, “It appears the second victim was trying to stop the suspect.”  The victims received minor to moderate lacerations. And, according to Powell, “The suspect was detained and placed on a mental health hold.”



  • What’s next?
    A cross bow attack again?

  • The homeless crap is out of control. Something needs to change. It’s ruining our county.

  • Homeless people are not the problem. It is the county who provides all the services for them in our county. We need to find a way to rehabilitate them teach them how to work and become stable independent and k ow the pride it feels to buy your own things and provide for themselves

    • And how is that to be accomplished, Stacy? Spend more taxpayer dollars on well meaning but futile efforts to teach self sufficiency to a population which revels in dependency? They (the Devil’s Playgound inhabitants) don’t even bother to clean up after themselves. Will a class or two and lots of hand holding and singing Kumbaya solve their mental problems?

  • “two men were sitting in a tent”, well, that explains it. If I were without a house and I have been, I would take the National Forest over Eureka. Why stay in such filth? Go to Rainbow gatherings. Eat for free, surrounded by hippy girls or guys, do all the drugs you want and it’s relatively safe. Maybe some promoting of the gatherings and a free bus ticket would help clear out some of these problems.

  • Thank God for the Police, I dont care what people say, I was in prison once in my youth. I put myself there, not anybody else. Do you want good police and weed out the bad ones ? Then lets raise the qualification for the police and Double $ their salary. This way we will get the best people possible. They [ the police ] will think twice before committing an infraction or misdemeanor. So lets test them again [ IQ ] and other psychological tests, then for the ones who make it, give them a starting salary of $ 120,000 a year plus benefits. That will work to have the best men out there and they will be bribe proof , and smart enough to do a great job.

  • Welcome to: EUR-TWEEKA!! nothing would surprise me at this point. The homeless people there are as bat sh*t crazy and tweeked as they come. The population of eureka will soon be composed of half homeless people if it doesn’t already.

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