[UPDATE 8:20 P.M] Fire in Salmon Creek Area

Scanner traffic is reporting a small column of smoke coming from the Grenz Lane area of Salmon Creek. Reportedly there is a fire with power lines down. Local fire crews and aircraft are responding.

UPDATE 7:50 p.m.: Members of the Salmon Creek Fire Department report the fire as out.

UPDATE 8:11 p.m.: A tree fell on power lines but local fire crews put out the flames. There are about 20 people without power in the area.

UPDATE 8:20 p.m.: One engine is on scene waiting for PG&E to show up and shut off the power to the downed lines.



  • Thanks Kym. Just got home & saw fire trucks going up the hill, so I was wondering…….I knew just where to look. Thanks for doing all that you do.

  • Murphy’s law at work. That sucks.

  • I was sitting in house(about a mile away, widows open), I head the tree(s) fall and then the power failed, sort of.
    A couple of minutes later I saw the first smoke. I jumped into my side by side with shovel a chainsaw and was at the fire a few minutes later.
    A neighbor and myself put the flames out at the bottom of pole with shovels.
    A few minutes later a pickup from the SCVFD showed up with 200 gallons of water and doused the embers.
    The problem was that the power was still on and stayed on for nearly 3 hours.
    The power line was melting in places for about 100 yards and was laying on brush and trees on very steep ground with trees and brush, starting a couple of more small fires. These were dealt with by the lone SCVFD person and his water hose.
    About an hour later CDF showed up with two fire trucks and a pickup, but they would not cross the Hot power line that crossed the road.
    About 3 hours after the fire started PG&E finally turned the power off, and all was well.
    We were extremely lucky, as the pole where the fire started was junction with 3 power lines. One of the power lines(that didn’t fall) was a 2000′ span that if it had gone down with the power still on would have started a fire where there was absolutely no vehicle access and was practically straight up and down. When PG&E initially the line the had to use a helicopter.We dodged a big bullet on that one.

  • Burning power line.

  • SCVFD truck.

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