Truck Gets Cut Off, Slams into Don’s Rent-All and Takes Out Wall


A Dodge truck drove into Don’s Rent-All after it was cut off as it was driving south on Broadway Street near West Washington Street in Eureka at around 9:50 p.m. tonight.

Eureka Police Department (EPD) officer Cosetti said that after speaking to the people involved in the accident and witnesses, it was determined that an “unknown car cut her off.”

The woman who was driving the vehicle was from out of town, and EPD officers said they were having trouble finding a place for her to stay because many hotel and motel rooms had already been taken by wildland firefighters. After some calling around, they were able to find a room for the her to stay in overnight.

“We’re just going to give her a courtesy ride to a motel,” said EPD officer Leonard LaFrance.




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