Group of Teenagers Injured After Tires Break Loose, Vehicle Lands Upside Down in Creek near Rio Dell

Scanner traffic and the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page indicate a vehicle drove over an embankment near Price Creek Road and Blue Slide Road around midnight. According to the incident page, three of the four people in the vehicle were injured, and it was said over the scanner that one person may have major injuries. The driver is, reportedly, trapped inside the vehicle. We’ll update when we have more information.

Update 1:04 a.m.: Two occupants have been extricated from the vehicle, but there are still two people trapped inside.

Update 1:13 a.m.: The two people who have made it out of the vehicle are both 17-year-old males with “moderate injuries,” and they are being transported to Redwood Memorial Hospital.

According to the scanner, the vehicle was traveling approximately 40 miles per hour when the tires “broke loose,” which sent the occupants over a guardrail. Once off of the road, the vehicle dropped about 50 feet and came to rest upside down in a creek.

Update 1:18 a.m.: A 17-year-old female has been extricated from the vehicle, but the driver is still inside.

Update 1:58 a.m.: The driver has been extricated from the vehicle and is being transported to the hospital. Her age was not stated over the scanner.

Update 2:23 a.m.: The vehicle involved was a pickup truck, and all four of the occupants were injured.



  • I hope every survives and a speedy recovery.
    Drive safely and maintain tires.

  • Wow that was a reach,

  • Skunk, broke loose means lost traction, not came off.

  • So did the wheels break loose from the truck or the tires come off the rim or did the driver loose control ?

  • O.k. I’m confused. It says the accident was caused because the tires (plural) of the vehicle “broke loose” I’m going to assume that means that a “tire came off” but just the way it’s worded “broke loose” just doesn’t seem right to me. breaking loose is like loosing traction, perhaps on purpose or accidental. Anyway if the tire did COME OFF like because it the lugs were not tight enough, 10 bucks says it was les schwab in fortuna.


      Oh, another person who has had a hard time finding a real mechanic in the triangle!
      Funny thing it goes on even when you purchase a new car. It seems the only thing that CAN be worked on is a 1986-1988 toyota truck, and maybe an early 80’s subaru…. just don’t get the work ethic.
      2017 will change the human rotation and businesses will need to focus on customer retention as the people to milk dries up.

  • That section of road is reduced to one lane due to a slide/erosion. Someone continues to remove the orange cones/ reflector warnings which are fixed to the road.

    The warning reflectors were broken again last week and still have not been replaced.

    I am curious if this section of deteriorated road had cause the loss of control.

    • Is 40 mph too fast for that area? When I first read the article I thought it was odd because they weren’t speeding. I don’t know how to drive so I don’t know these things.
      My next thought was thank God they were wearing (I’m assuming) seat belts. And that the accident did not cause a fire.

      • 40 mph on that turn is pretty much a shit show 🙁 I am so glad no one was killed and I know this will be a life changing accident for all involved. I hope they use this to try and teach their peers that nothing good happens after midnight on a dark country road when there is most likely alcohol involved. I think they were local kids so they knew the road but just overshot that turn. I live on price creek and i checked out the scene the next morning, gave me goosebumps. Bad place to go off the road

        • Um no. There was no alcohol involved actually. And they didn’t over shoot the turn the road was wet from it sprinkling that night and their tires lost traction going around the corner. Like it said in the article.

    • no it was right before that section of the road on the left hand side coming towards ferndale

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