Marijuana Cited as Reason Emerald Area Sheriff’s Need Armored Vehicles


Screengrab from the Washington Post’s article.

Once again the Emerald Counties make the news. This time in a piece about the increased militarization of law enforcement, the Washington Post prominently features two of our local Sheriff’s Departments requesting armored vehicles to fight marijuana (see screengrab above.) As the Post explains, “Police departments can request surplus military gear from the Pentagon through the Department of Defense’s 1033 program, which doles out hundreds of millions of dollars in military goods to cops each year.”

The Post article relies on an investigation by Mother Jones magazine which zeroed in on who had requested mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles and why they did so. Their request to the Pentagon produced over 450 applications filed between 2012 and 2013. And, as the Mother Jones piece noted, “[T]the single most common reason agencies requested a mine-resistant vehicle was to combat drugs.”

The requests from Shasta and Trinity reflect this. Shasta wanted two Armored Tactical Vehicles for use “during apprehension of suspects in both Marijuana eradication and during high (no pun intended) risk search warrant service for drug offenders.” Trinity County which requested one single wheeled, 4×4 armored vehicle, says that the “increase in marijuana production has resulted in an increase in violent crime.”

In 2013, the Eureka Police Department received an “eight passenger, all wheel drive ballistic resistant vehicle” from the Department of Defense. As the EPD can’t be found in the Mother Jones’ documents, we don’t know what reasons they cited for needing the vehicle.



  • That unicycle sounds bad ass.

  • Useless war toys and just further justifies the wasted tax dollars the Pentagon spends on junk.

  • Trinity county actually bust grows???? When and where? I thought they allowed it.


      Some TCSO crashed a chopper in Humboldt years ago, ripping crops. When they used to burn weed at the fairgrounds in Hayfork one never saw any buds, just stalks.

      Haney tried to act all “Constitutional Sheriff” during the “election”. There isn’t a Constitutional Sheriff in California, just yapper dogs trying to tell lies so they can get elected and steal even more from property owners.

      Anyone requestion this type of gear, certainly isn’t an American, but a federalist and deserves deportation after the fall of rome.

      • We had a local sheriff officer who would drive into Trinity and sometimes in Humboldt, who would take plants and grow equipment from people. He would load them into the HCSO truck and drive them straight to his house. This is not rumor. I’ve seen the truck with an entire grow room, plants included going down 36. He would take outdoor plants, containers and all and drive them to his home. If I’m not mistaken, he was fired or quit and then started stalking a teacher at Bridgeville school where they had to put a restraining order on him. Cant make stuff like this up.

  • It is better the local cops get this equipment, than for Obama to leave it for Isis to pick up in Syria and Libya. I thought Obama promised to legalize pot and take people out of jail for non-violent drug offenses. Another lying politician. [edit]

    • Obama may not have legalized pot but he has changed laws to make non violent drug offences sentences more appropriate for the crime. In 2013 granted clemency to 8 people in prison for drug offences. Last month he gave 46 men and women pardons and clemency for drug offences.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      So who put the armaments in Syria, Iraq, you-name-it for the loyal local forces to use? Wastrel junior Bush and Coward Cheney. Remember? Greeted as liberators!?! Obama was handed a nightmare by your heroes. How about we re-activate the draft and just kill everybody? I will help round up Young Conservatives and Ready Republican teen-agers. Sound good?

      Jeb’s brother is used to having others clean up or take the blame for his messes. Iraq War and Katrina hurt this nation more than ISIS. Nice job. You conservatives should be ashamed, but you’re braggin’ and blamin’.

  • Can citizens request one of these vehicles to use as local militia defense against the government?

  • Are they expecting a war,we don’t live in Frickin Russia.did they ask anyone if that’s how they want their tax money spent,just saying

  • rollin rollin rollin

    So um…How are they going to turn around on steep-sided fire roads to catch guys on ATVs? Or deal with tree limbs wound up in that gun turret when it’s raining sideways? These things out in the hills will be nothing more than large occupied rocks.

  • The trouble with being offered free stuff if you qualify, is that the stuff is so irresistible that you start making up reasons why you need it. Lying, as it were. You would hope that law enforcement people would be moral and upright and always tell the truth. But then how would they get the goodies?

  • These will probably be next years grow-dozers in So Hum.

  • Has there ever been an instance where cops have been attacked by a pot grower while conducting an enforcement operation?

  • They want to spend extra money when it comes to busting growers but they seem to do nothing about all the meth head tweakers who keep ripping people off and holding them at gun point.

  • I guess if I was a cop I would get all excited about a new toy such as this. Most if not all growers run if they can when the cops show up. What are they going to use these for, plants armed with rocket launchers?

  • Still can’t believe our old MRAPs our being used by police now. Crazy shit.


    Every American can own a flamethrower, legal with no backround check. Flamethrowers aren’t regulated as firearms.

  • I’ve noticed some officers of the law are extremely egotistical. Come on, kym pointed out one incident where they were threatened with a gun in mendo. They should worry about the meth….last time I was in eureka I was approached by numerous Crack heads trying to sell me stolen shit on the street. Give a tweeker $20 and follow them, they will take you to their dealers! I promise:-)))

  • Remember Waco! Everyone will worship the Beast.

  • Considering that 20% of returning vets go into law enforcement they’ll feel right at home in the military gear. Add some LEO’s with untreated PTSD, growers with beards, and impunity for excessive force and the war on marijuana starts looking a lot like the “war on terror”.

  • I read the Washington Post article it says “The equipment includes everything from underwear to office equipment to armored combat vehicles.”
    What kind of underwear do they have that the police would want bad enough to buy “used” from the military?

    • It’s bullet proof underwear also plated groin protectors for those disarming IED’s they are worn outside of your clothes like a BP vest…I don’t think local LEOs need any.

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  • Around this time in 2017 those vehicles for Cannabis Raids will likely be useless for that usage since more than likely Cannabis use recreationally will likely be legal after our next election & I can’t see wasting the time & effort on acquiring them for so short a usage window for the stated purpose!!!

    • You’re wrong. The Franchise Tax Board will be using these vehicles to hit the grows that aren’t stupid enough to pay taxes to the state.

  • the caartoon above just doesn’t get it across

  • So what’s the gas mileage on those?
    Whatever happened to the California mandate to only obtain the most fuel efficient vehicles for public service? It’s part of several California laws to which all agencies are required to adhere. The police – of course – are agencies. Somehow I think that thing burns a LOT more gas than the average truck and is certainly not the most fuel efficient vehicle to roam around in the hills.

    In the absence of any reported violence requiring such a vehicle, it cannot be argued that the gasoline waste is justified by any form of ”need.”

  • This is the real article about the Equipment . They even have a link to check what every city in America revived .Mother Jones is not who broke this story at all. The Humboldt county sheriff received military rifles cheap .I ALSO GAVE ALL THIS SAME INFO TO LOST COAST OUT POST A YEAR AGO AND THEY HAD NO INTEREST . Muck Rock Helps With Freedom of information acts .They help people get government Documents when city’s refuse

  • Porter (native Trinity County son [class of 69])

    Damn you guys are dumb. The vehicle is for department hunting, fishing, and vacation time. The hunting cabin is located on Ruby Ridge.

  • clvndbrownswinsuperbowl

    Please redheadedblackbelteers, if you see one of these vehicles in action, take a picture of you giving it the middle finger and post it here

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