Man Threatens Officer With Bomb, Says Forest Service

Press release from the US Forest Service:


On August 8, 2015 a Forest Service law enforcement officer conducted welfare check on single vehicle occupant on Highway 36 near Bowman Road.

After the officer made contact, the suspect began to move erratically and disregarded the officer’s direction to keep his hands on the steering wheel. At this time, the subject informed the officer that he had a bomb in the vehicle. Disregarding an officer order to remain still, the subject then fled the scene in his vehicle westbound toward Wildwood.

The suspect was travelling toward active fires on the Fork Complex where hundreds of firefighters were actively engaged in suppression activities. Based on immediate backup in the vicinity of the suspect’s direction of travel and the risk to firefighter and public safety, officers continued to pursue the suspect.

Safety information and a request for assistance were relayed to California Highway Patrol and officers with the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. With the assistance of California Highway Patrol, spike strips were deployed near mile marker .89 on Highway 36 in Shasta County, on National Forest System lands. The vehicle came to a stop and Forest Service law enforcement officers conducted a felony traffic stop and took the suspect into custody without incident. Trinity County Sheriff’s Office assisted and had Explosive Ordinance Disposal qualified officers, who were assisting with evacuations, respond to clear the vehicle.

No explosive devices were found in the vehicle and it was later determined that the suspect suffered from psychological problems. The suspect’s name will not be released as the investigation is ongoing. The total length of the chase was approximately 25 miles. The suspect was booked into the Tehama County Jail on charges of terrorist threats, felony evasion and obstruction.

Please always be cautious around emergency vehicles. Especially near the fire areas, there is an increased number of emergency responder vehicles and traffic. Yield when necessary for safety and please report any observations of erratic driving or suspicious activity to your local law enforcement.



  • A friend told me about this incident — had caught reports on the scanner. I live on Highway 3 a couple of miles south of Hayfork and remember — at the time — seeing two California Highway Patrol vehicles followed closely by two Trinity County Sheriff cars zipping past at high speed — lights flashing, sirens blaring — headed in the direction of Highway 36 — going out to reinforce the intercept, I suppose. Glad everything ended without violence. Grew up in a Mayberry type world — miss it — way too much stress and violence today.


    Forest Circus clown misunderstood the guy….

    He said he had, ‘ The Bomb’ in his car- NOT ‘a bomb’.

    These friggin forest circus clowns put on better shows every day. What a bunch of numb nutz.

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