Sheriff’s Office Doing Helicopter Reconnaissance

hcsoAccording to Terri Klemetson from KMUD, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that a blue and white helicopter is preforming reconnaissance missions today. Klemetson said that the helicopter and other Sheriff’s Office vehicles are working out of the Garberville airport today. “”We are not working with CAMP today, it’s just HCSO,” said the Sheriff’s Office spokesperson.



  • Just wondering what that might mean? Just checking things out for later?

  • It generally means they are confirming the presence of violations (almost always marijuana) before getting a search warrant.

    • Witch means they have 21 days from tomorrow to get a warrent and serve it

    • Kym, obviously you’ve seen the LoCO “find the weed” game. Wondering what Sheriff Downey’s opinion is of identifying marijuana grows in such a public manner.

      • To be fair, it would be extremely hard if not impossible to identify the parcels much less the owner.

        • True. But, I’m very curious how the HCSO feels about the public being part of identifying possible grow sites as part of a “game” on the web. I might be overstating it, but it does seems irresponsible of LoCO. It’s not law enforcement that these parcels should be concerned about. Anyway,it would be great to have the perspective of the Sheriff. There are a lot of people who would love a chance to comment about this on your site. And it may be easier than you think to identify the parcel.

          • Worry about something else. We’ve all been looking at giant grows on Google Earth for years now. Who cares about a stupid Loco game?

        • It’s pretty easy to identify parcels, and the parcel owner, with consumer grade GPS and a couple of free web applications.

          • Sure ,but that takes initiative and man hours. Why stir the pot? The authorities already have the real time data on the current grow sites. LoCO can’t guarantee the safety of legal grows that may be identified in the “game” by would be thieves.

  • Well, nice to see that people are a priority over CAMP today. Could this be a new trend for Humboldt County? The Sheriff’s Dept. in Trinity County is so busy with emergencies that they don’t even have the luxury of having time to even think about CAMP.

    • Never Heard What Happened

      On Saturday, I saw a group of HCS officers filling up gas, wearing their olive drab, “we’re about to bust someone” gear. They had quads. Weird, it was Saturday and second, they were meeting other officers in Mad River to get the coordinates of the bust. They said it was going to be south of there. That would put them in Trinity.

  • I’ve got two helicopters flying around my house in Carlotta right now, low enough to wave!

  • Flying south thru Redway at 1:00. One jet ranger and one two seater. Going towards airport.

  • Anyone else see the brown military style helicopter yesterday near fruitland?

  • brwnswinsuperbowl

    UFO/Drone sighting in Myers Flat, approx. 430pm. Be afraid.

  • I saw the blue and white in salmon creek around 11:30 am this morning

  • Two hum co sheriff trucks w quads ran me damn near off road by bridgeville Sunday afternoon, haulin ass!

  • Dump the sheriffs out and put in some fire fighters! U can drive down the road and see pot to get search warrants! Let’s use the choppers for those hard to reach fires.

  • I saw a grower with his water truck heading up Burr Valley Road on the weekend. Helping out the firefighters?!? Pretty sure not but hey you gotta do what you gotta do right?

  • The ufo/drone sighting could be fire related. I remember reading how they do hotspot mapping that way.

  • Haven’t seen anything but coast guard..

  • Past weott headed north at 1pm

  • Anyone get a tail number on the blue and white helicoptor? Photos?

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