[Photo Update 9 p.m.] Lassic Fire, West of Ruth, Expanded Today


A large column drew eyes to the Lassic fire this evening as smoke boiled over the top of the mountain. (See photo above.) The incident, stemming from the lightning storm which ignited blazes in eastern Humboldt and Western Trinity almost two weeks ago, laps over from Trinity County into Humboldt just west of Ruth Lake.

Structures to the north of the fire are threatened and a voluntary evacuation is in place along Swayback Ridge Road. Today, the good news is that the fire did not leap Blanket Creek to the north which would trigger mandatory evacuations.

But, that is the about only good news. First, the fire headed north then it reversed directions and burned aggressively to the south. However, the Forest Service fought back with both fixed and rotary winged craft. Retardant and water drops were used to impede the forward run of the fire. The incident is now bumping up against Dutchman Camp to the northeast.


Lassic Fire from Dyerville Loop Road. [Photo provided by Jim Hensley]

Luckily, the wind wasn’t as harsh as expected which helped. However, winds are expected to pick up after eight p.m. and the conditions are ripe for the fire to expand further.

Seven to eight engines are stationed along Swayback Ridge to protect the structures there but to the west and south there are only handcrews (the area is designated a wilderness area which means that heavy equipment can’t be used except to protect human life and prevent significant property losses.)

More information should be released this evening on Lassic and we’ll update as soon as possible.


UPDATE 9 p.m.: More photos of the Lassic Fire taken from the Charles Mountain Ranch in the Blocksburg area by Andrea Pergens.

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