UPDATE August 10: Updated maps are now available. Click here to go to the August 10 versions.


Here are today’s fire maps. Check out how the fires have changed for better or worse by comparing the images over time. These are, in most cases, more accurate than the Inciweb maps.  Click the thumbnails at the bottom of this post for the PDF maps, and click the links below the thumbnails to go to the incident pages for each of the listed fires.

[Note: The Rocky Fire maps haven’t yet been updated, but we will post those if and when we get them.]

Google Earth download (Click Here).

Link to Joseph Elfelt’s Google map of the firesLink to a GeoMAC map sent to us by Daniel C. Barton.

Check our previous posts from August 3, 45, 67 and 8.

Rocky Complex

Rocky Complex (Not Updated)



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