Truck Reportedly Starts Fire in Salmon Creek

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Photo provided by Tyce Fraser. He is not responsible for the sign.

Neighbors at approximately 3:30 this morning reported a fire in Salmon Creek near the top of the Loop road above the school. Volunteers rushed to the scene and squashed the small grass fire. Evidence in the area suggests that someone driving recklessly went off the road and started a blaze in the dry grass. Luckily, the short cropped grass of a horse pasture and quick response meant the fire was brought under control rapidly.



  • Nice alert neighbors nice job.stay safe all!!!

  • Nice job folks. This could have been bad.

  • Thanks for being on top of this. Good work creekers!! Stay safe. That could have been huge if you didn’t get it quickly. Thanks to all.

  • Good work everyone! We weren’t driving that late last night but did see a new white pickup truck go flying past us up that fork of the loop. The frustrating thing is that most people who drive irresponsibly won’t read these remarks, so how do we protect our community?

  • Hang some slow down mother f-fers signs

  • Someone doesn’t watch the Smokey the Bear commercials. They have been playing the one where he hugs the guy with the pick-up truck who stops to fix chains repeatedly. They also say to drive responsibly.

  • A lot of inconsiderate drivers on that road. Be safe & Live!

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