Local Motorcycle Group Pitches in to Help Firefighters and Fire Victims, How You Can Donate


Bikers buying supplies. Yesterday the Humboldt Family Mortorcycle Club purchased items to donate to the Alderpoint Volunteer Fire Department today. [Photo provided by the Humboldt Family MC]

“We just wanted to help,” explained local biker Will Carter about today’s large donation of supplies to the Alderpoint Volunteer Fire Department which is near the lightning fires that have been burning in Southern Humboldt for 11 days. He and twelve other bikers from the Humboldt Family Motorcycle Club each pitched in $100 to help those affected by the lightning fires. The effort then snowballed into so many supplies being gathered that several trucks had to be donated by Small Town Heating and Air to carry the tons of donated goods being brought to Southern Humboldt. The trucks were escorted by a contingent of bikers to Garberville today. Eventually the supplies headed to the Alderpoint Volunteer Fire Department where they were distributed to those in need.


A man near the fires in southeastern Humboldt accepts a donation of supplies brought in today by the Pay It Forward group from donations partly purchased by Humboldt Family Motorcycle Group. [Photo from the Pay It Forward Facebook page]

Do you want to pitch in?

Here are ways to help:

First, seriously consider donating money to your local cash-strapped Volunteer Fire Departments.  For instance, Salmon Creek Fire Department in Southern Humboldt needs to purchase fire shelters. A donation to them if you live nearby might save the life of a firefighter you know. Other departments are similarly strapped. Ask how you can donate.

Next, here are two local organizations accepting supplies.

Pay It Forward Southern Humboldt suggests after talking with members of the Briceland VFD who have members staffing three fire trucks on the Lightning Fires. (Donations can be made at Redwoods Rural Health Center behind the CHP office on Redwood drive just south of Redway. They are open M-F 8:30 to 5:30. Private message the Facebook page about what you plan to donate to make sure it’s still needed. They are keeping a running total.)

Rubbermade or equivalent storage bins with lids approx 18″ x 12″ (6 of them)
Stainless steel Thermos coffee flasks (6 x 20 oz)
Thermos soup flasks (6 x 20 oz)
AA batteries (100 total)
Wet wipes (anti bacterial, flushable, 24 pack of approx 50 each)
Contractor bags (100)
Poison oak soap (6 bars)
Technu (12 packs)
Heavy duty hiking style dark colored socks (various adult sizes – 48 pairs)
BVFD or plain t shirts, various sizes (24)
Bottled water, bottled Recharge and juice (we have enough)
Regular soap (12 bars)
Deodorant (we have enough)
Toothpaste (we have enough)
Power and granola bars ( we have enough)
Coffee (4 bags of ground, organic)
Sugar (small bags)
Creamer (small bags)
Cans of soup (we have enough)
Cans of tuna (we have enough)
Chicken (deli or canned)
Large sandwich boxes, plastic with tight fitting lids (6)
Chocolate chip cookies (lots)
Bars of chocolate (dark and milk, lots of small bars)
Spud or corn chips in small bags  (lots)

PAY It Forward Humboldt suggests the supplies listed below. (Donations can be made at the Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Eureka from 7 a.m til 7 p.m.) Please non-perishables only.

Camping stuff
Canned food
Poison oak supplies
Animal food
Clothing of all types


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