Vegetation Fire in Orick Contained


Photo provided by Cal Fire

According to Cal Fire spokesperson, Laura Coleman, the Orick Fire which started about 4 p.m. is now contained. The fire which reached one acre  was quickly “wrapped with hose”–brought under control. Coleman said that downed power lines were a likely cause of the fire.


Photo by Alicia Aponte

Thanks to the Cal Fire folks who were on the job as usual.



  • Thanks so very much for keeping orick safe..

  • Way to get some Chief ! or Ranger, good dirt face.


    Jets for a fire in Orick? Really? That’s nuts, most people have trouble starting a camp fire there! LMAO! I guess in fire season every agency needs some action to bill and feel good about themselves.

    • Uh, even a small fire can get out of control. We have too many right now. Nobody wants see another one. Quick action stopped this one from becoming a monster. Thank you to all of the fire fighters.


        Orick = fog and dripping trees / need to be needed + pension / fire fee increase = orick wild fires…

        nothing like this ever happened when motorhomes could park on the beach.

        destroyed orick economy + government workers = paper work and fake fires that need jets.

        restore Humboldt without government trash

        • [edit] you have no idea what fire can do just the way you reply. You need to and then come back and reply, I bet you have another paradigm.

  • Not a picture of a jet. Looks like a Gruman S-2 an OLD plane, retrofitted Turbo Prop engines and longer wings. Old school bomber on steroids!

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