Sooo….Someone Stole Equipment From Firefighters……..


A firefighter tears through a down cedar on one of the many fires burning across California. [Photo from InciWeb]

Zach Ellinger, a spokesperson for the US Forest Service confirmed that officers from his agency are investigating the theft of fire equipment from near the frontlines of the South Fire Complex in the area of Underwood Mountain. Ellinger declined to identify the items but did say that about $6000 worth of goods were taken. Officers were hampered in their investigation as they are currently “assisting with fire evacuations and supporting Trinity County law enforcement.”

Ellinger explained that in spite of that, officers have identified suspects and “will be seeking prosecution for all related government property theft cases.” The items in this case have been recovered though, according to community members, more than one incident has occurred.

If anyone sees something suspicious happening to fire equipment and firefighter supplies, please contact law enforcement in your area.



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