Spot Fire Today: A Look at the Run Up Big Mountain


A spot fire jumped New River and ran east up Big Mountain. [Photo by Charlotte Swab]

For those who asked about the new blaze near Burnt Ranch, this impressive photo shows a new spot fire which made a run today. According to the Forest Service’s Public Information Officer Mike Lindbery, a spot from the Happy Fire east of Salyer probably jumped yesterday east to Big Mountain. With the inversion layer, the new spot didn’t do much. But today, when the inversion lifted, flames sprang to life and raced up the Big Mountain drainage indicated in dark red (this is very rough drawing.)


Map is from the River complex InciWeb. Dark red added by us to roughly indicate where the spot fire ran.

Below is a photo of the parent fire on the left and the new wild child on the right. We’ll keep an eye on this one.


Happy Fire on the left and spot fire on the right.  [Photo by Charlotte Swab]



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