Redway Woman Convicted of DUI

Press release provided by the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

District AttorneyGuilty as charged was the jury verdict announced today in Humboldt Superior Court in the case of the People versus Kristina Babauta. After an 8-day trial before Judge Marilyn Miles, Babauta, 31 of Redway, was convicted of driving under the influence, refusing a chemical test and storing an open container. Because the allegation of a prior DUI conviction was also found true, the defendant was sentenced to serve 20 days in jail and fined more than $3000. The case arose from an April 2013 vehicle stop by the California Highway Patrol on Highway 101 near Richardson Grove. The case was prosecuted by Deputy D.A. Trenton Timm and defended by Attorney Manny Daskal.



  • An eight-day trial for a DUI? Something’s wrong here.

  • What?! A DUI took up 8 days at trial? And from a 2013 bust?

    I know everyone has a right to a jury trial of their peers, but this one sure cost the taxpayers a few bucks. Pretty expensive for the convicted too with lawyer fees on top of the fine. Oh well, she just had to be right rather than get it behind her.

  • Manny lost a case? Well, drunk driving is no joke. Is publishing DUI crimes going to be a thing now? I am always amazed at the wide spectrum of people who end up being charged. In a world of legal drinking at public establishments one always has to keep it together and not over imbibe.

  • Why is this news? There are tons of people getting dui’s all the time. Why is she getting public ally shamed this way. I’m not condoning drunk driving btw.

  • Babauta boom!

  • Punishment seems light. $3000 doesn’t even begin to cover court costs and other costs incurred by booking, etc. With 2nd DUI, I hope they confiscate the vehicle as well.

  • A Humboldt ‘hanging judge’ giving a twenty day sentence is like a normal judge giving the death sentence.

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