High Speed Chase in Eureka Ends With One at Gunpoint, One Lane Blocked on Broadway

CaptureThe scanner at 6 p.m. is chattering with reports of a pursuit through Eureka that resulted in one person held at gunpoint near Humboldt Motor Sports. We picked up the incident as the officer reported being by the Chevron on Broadway headed southbound and going 30 miles per hour. Speeds began picking up and the suspect’s vehicle reportedly passed the Bayshore Mall going 40 miles per hour. With the suspect reportedly driving at 60 miles per hour, the officer backed off.

However, the car chase ended near Hilfiker Lane with the suspect vehicle crashing into another vehicle. Neither the driver nor the female passenger are injured.

The outside southbound lane is currently blocked as the situation is being dealt with.

UPDATE 6:30 p.m.: Channel 3 has a photo.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Poor dear. I think the speed limit past the mall is 40mph, and you must mean the suspect was going 60 and the cop decided to back off, but then the suspect came to an unplanned halt, and, luckily, there were no injuries….

    Still… I almost had to take back what I said yesterday. xoxox

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yeah, that’s what I got as well. Very clearly written. Perp doing 60, cop backs off for safety, perp hits a car anyway. Not sure what you are “driving” at. What’s your point? Oh, OK, the 40 to 60 discrepancy. Yeah, the text could stand a bit of editing. Very minor discrepancy. Super minor.

  • Me & my wife walked past it We cut through the hilfiker pipe company yard just to avoid getting caught up in it I did get a photo of it though wish people would quit trying to out run the cop’s it doesn’t do any good

  • Humboldt Bay Observer

    When a suspect vehicle starts west bound on Samoa Blvd. aren’t they effectively trapped? The only outlet is to turn south on the Samoa Bridge. Why don’t police put a roadblock at the south end of the bridge, north of third street; now there’s nowhere to escape and no high speed chase through town.

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