Blue Moon Timelapse Over Reggae on the River

“A Blue Moon, made red by numerous fires, rises over the 31st Reggae on the River on July 31, 2015. In this 1 minute timelapse video, two and a half hours and two sets of music will roll by as you watch the moon rise and pass through the clouds, while the crowd below dances before the music and the changing lights from the stage.” [Information from David Wilson who created this.]



  • A money loosing venture for the community center and the non profits of Southern Humboldt …..2 years in a row with out selling out and they still make it 4 days to loose more money

  • I have no facts relating to that. But I can tell you that it was one of the best-vibed ROR’s I can remember. A really kind-feeling and just great atmosphere.

  • How many tickets were sold? How many showed up? Did Mateel make money?

  • They Did Not Even Break even

  • how do you know this info? where you one of the thousands of free tickets given away to the entitled?

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