Got Potholes? Measure Z Might Fill Them

construction-aheadAt a meeting yesterday, Denton Carrick from Humboldt County Public Works was given some much needed good news. Measure Z, the 1/2 percent sales tax increase county residents voted in last November, is now providing money to fix Humboldt’s rural roads. Carrick who is in charge of the southwestern section of the county says that with the increase he will be able to spot pave and re-chip seal the Maple Hills Road from Salmon Creek Road to the Avenue of the Giants. In addition, the Briceland Thorn road from the Whitethorn intersection mile marker 1.36 to 5.64 near the Whitethorn school will get 25 loads of hotmix.

“If we keep getting money from [Measure Z,] that free’s up our regular money. Carrick says the next plan is to fix a large culvert that is failing on Thomas Road and repair the Alderpoint and Bell Springs Roads if they have time before the rains set in.

In addition, on Thursday, August the 13th, Sprowl Creek Road will be getting a chip seal. Carrick anticipates that causing some “backed up traffic” and he urges everyone who can to stay home that day.



  • What about the section of Elk Creek Rd below the county yard that has been slated for repair twice. The funds seem to keep getting high jacked for other projects. Could all the money going to Briceland Rd have anything to do with the fact that the county supervisor and county Rd department supervisor live out there.

  • We need New Asphalt Crosswalks in Gville! Let’s get this done ASAP

  • Mattole Road between Honeydew and Petrolia needs some major fixing.

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