UPDATES on Trinity Fires From John Fenley Dist. Five Supervisor of That County

Here’s the update on the Trinity County Fires as sent out from John Fenley Dist. Five Supervisor of that County:

John Fenley

John Fenley

By now I am sure you have heard that many of the north state has received lightning and is dealing with fire activity. Every forest in the north is battling fires.

Today we welcomed Norm Walker and his Type 2 team to the Mad River District to help out with all of our fires down there. Our in brief took place at 1800 at the Mad River District Office. I used that time to check in with our firefighters and community members. I personally toured the Ruth Lake area with our District Ranger Dan Dill and witnessed many hard working folks trying to protect the community down there. I was amazed at how much fire was visible from the highway and the district office. Many in the law enforcement community was assisting with traffic and evacuations. The air was filled with smoke and there was ash coming down everywhere. Even though the fire scene seemed dire…..I was inspired and encouraged to see the determination and effort that our multi-agency firefighting community was putting out. It was obvious that these folks are well trained and love their job. They are all heroes in my book.

I will share more info as I learn more……. Thanks.


[Here’s the info that was on the attachment.]


Fire News Release
Media Contact: Fire Information
530-226-2500 (8 am to 4:30 pm)
Web: www.fs.usda.gov/stnf
August 2, 2015, 8:00am

Shasta-Trinity National Forest
Fork Complex

A community meeting will be held today, August 2, at 1pm at the Hayfork Community Church in Hayfork.

A community meeting will be held today, August 2, at 4pm in Hyampom, at the Volunteer Fire Department.

Fire management staff will provide operational updates and provide closure and evacuation information.

Current fire situation:
The Fork Complex consists of approximately 40 fires, all of which were ignited by lightning between July 29 and 31, 2015. Operational priorities are to provide for firefighter and public safety, provide community and infrastructure defense, and protect natural and cultural resources.

Most growth overnight was observed on the Rail Fire. Firefighters made progress overnight preparing structures and conducting burning operations for structure protection. The fire area experienced good humidity recovery overnight, and crews were able to take advantage of conditions to continue to scout and construct fire containment lines. Crews will continue today to prioritize structure protection around the affected communities. A Red Flag Watch (downgraded from a full Red Flag Warning this morning) has been issued for the fire area today for isolated thunderstorms, which could produce gusty and erratic winds. Temperatures are predicted to moderate in the coming days, with a chance of thunderstorms remaining in the forecast into next week.

Additional overhead has been ordered to more effectively manage the large number of fires in the area, and the Fork Complex will be split into three separate complexes. A Type I Incident Management Team (Oplinger) will assume command of the Fork Complex on Monday morning. The Fork Complex will now include the fires around Hayfork, including the Blue, Deer, Rail, Farmer, and Barker Fires (which will remain in Unified Command with CalFIRE.)

Another Type 2 Incident Management Team (Walker) will assume command of the fires around Hyampom, including the Pelleteau/ Pell/Pell2, Kerlin, and Gates fires.
As of 6A.M. on Monday, Northern California Interagency IMT 2 will take command of the South Complex which includes the Castle Fire, and all fires east of the South Fork of the Trinity River All firefighting resources associated with these will be based at the Hyanpon Airport.

Public meetings and information will be coordinated between all three of these large Complexes.

A Red Cross has established an evacuation center has been established at the Solid Rock Christian Church at the intersection of State Route 3 and Tule Creek Road in Hayfork. The Salvation Army is also offering water and meals to residents at the Church, whether or not they are staying at the evacuation center.
Evacuation areas listed more specifically; no additional evacuations have been issued.

Mandatory Evacuations* as of 6am on August 2 include residences along:
End of Kerlin Creek Road (Hyampom area) Skunk Ranch Area (Hyampom area) Manzanita Ranch Area (Hyampom area) Residences along Forest Roads 3N44 and 3N50 (Hyampom area) Underwood Mountain Road (Forest Road 5N60) and Forest Roads 4N09 and 4N24 (Hyampom area) Residences at Post Mountain Ranch Residences along Barker Creek Road
Morgan Hill Road from Pine Street to Kingsbury Gulch Road, including Kingsbury Road, Center Street, and Dirt Road.
Mill Gulch (Highway 3 north to Hayfork)
Kingsbury Gulch Road (Hayfork area)
Closures associated* with the fires as of 6am on August 2

State route 3 from State Route 36 to Hyampom Road
State Route 36 from the junction with State Route 3 to Post Mountain
State Route 3 south of the Hayfork Fairgrounds
All roads associated with the residences listed above

Forest Closure
A Forest closure is anticipated for the fire areas. The forest closure will include all roads and land within the closure boundary. The closure will be posted when it is complete.



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    Any news on the T Pines fires?

  • I just drove up trinity pines dr to hwy 36 and east on 36 to Bramet rd where fire crossed the hwy and it is a moon scape..I talked to a OES Strike team from Riverside Ca. that came to help..Fire in the Pines is the Blue Fire and has burned 1500 acres..They have a good handle on it at this time..Yesterday Tanker t 105 a md80 jet made a couple of drops and that help slow it down..the media has the a lot of the info wrong, they are saying Post Mt Ranch, I guess they mean Post Mt which is the Trinity Pines Sub division. one report says Post Mt on barker road, it don’t help if the media can’t read a map, and some of the problem is management teams who take over the fires and don’t know the area and don’t ask those who do..

    • Grumpy, we don’t know the area like the locals. We know that. We need your help. Tell me specifically areas where I’ve gotten it wrong. We’ll work to fix things. We want to get information out to you but we’re covering several counties with lots of fires so your input can make the difference. My email is mskymkemp@gmail.com

      • Kym you deserve so much recognition for doing the quality journalism you do. If only big media could have one person as honorable and devoted as you. Keep up the great work. I can’t thank you enough.


      That’s what had me confused, because the first reports said it jumped 36 into Pot Mountain Ranch, which didn’t make sense to me.
      So Pot Mountain Road and 36 is moon scape?

      How far back into there did it burn?

      • Fire burned down to Fire Hall about a mile

      • Its not Post Mt rd and 36 thats a moon scape, it Trinity Pines Dr and 36 where it crossed 36 Fri and crossed again yesterday just west of TP dr


          Thank you. I have a couple friends right in there and haven’t heard from them. Sounds like their place may have been cooked. Is it active in there or just hanging out?

      • Wishing that other areas burned??
        Because you had some ballons on your properties. Nobody deserves any of this…Self riotous dope growers using there ignorant slang, need to go find some new props. Trinity Pines needed to be cleaned up. Wish you all well in 2016.. Ahhh a fresh start and all the outlanders move on..
        Just sayin .

        • [edit] Those growers are why we have a town. Without the outlanders Hayfork would just be another meth town full of toothless jobless cutthroats. Do you think that you are better than everyone else because you were there first?

        • And while we’re on the subject, outlanders can spell.

  • Kym you do an awesome job, its not you I was talking about, sorry.. I was referring to the redding rag and tv media…we want to help ,but sometime we don’t know what’s doing on either..I’m a retired Firefighter and always have my Fire radio on and I live in Trinity Pines..I took pix today too and will send you some.. Peace Grumpy

    • please post pics, and any info you have at all, I have some very good friends in that area that have not been heard from in 3 days.


        I’m betting that in the rush to split, people left cell phones- which don’t really work there on a good day, and verizon is over whelmed with all the extra traffic. Hmongfork has terrible cell/internet coverage.
        I’m with ya though. Plus, I have a couple properties that were due for balloons this fall to finish paying them off- how do you deal with that?
        Honestly, I wish this happened in Weaverville instead.

        • Wish this happened in Weaverville???!! Seriously?

          • LAZY SKUNK RANCH

            They deserve it more than the Fork, just sayin’…. if it had to happen Weaverville would be a better choice. There really isn’t anything in Weaverville that produces anything, Hayfork is the center of the ENTIRE economy in Trinity and brings untold wealth that allows Weaverville to exist.
            Fork will bring it around, be fine, and Weaverville can keep getting fat off the labor of others. It will be okay. The Fork will rise again.

  • This was what the fire along Van Duzen road looked like when it first started on Friday

  • Went to check on a friends property yesterday in the pines, hes been unable to get out there due to road closures. Here’s a picture of Pipeline halfway between South Ridge and TP Drive.

  • The fire is still active, but I think where are enough resources to keep it from getting much bigger.
    If you have not heard from folks out here I’m sure they are ok, no reports of injuries that I’m aware of.
    The fire jumped over some places, so it’s hard to tell right now who lost what..The locals are all working to put out the burning stumps etc left behind the fire..I was surprised more homes made it than I thought.

    • A dear friend captain with the Post mountain Volunteer Fire Department I would like to thank him for his service And I’m so sorry for your Loss jeff I will be there for you and Debbie when you rebuild

      • Sorry to hear Jeff from PMVFD lost his home,
        Ernie and Connie Hall lost their home of 47 yrs, Ernie was the Fire Capt. I replaced when he and Connie retired from many years of service…Its sad to think about the years that the Hall’s and Jeff put in protecting the community and to have their home destroyed by fire..

  • Thanks Kym for all your updates! You are blowing Hank out of the water!
    Your localized specific info is very much appreciated!

  • USFS is guessing that 20 structures where lost in Trinity Pines, ones I saw where totally gone nothing made of wood left and metals melted.

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