[UPDATED With Easier to Use Information] Lightning Fire Maps


Here are the Cal Fire maps indicating where fires have been located. We’re crowd-sourcing this. Add analysis and information in the comment section. Try to be as factual as possible. We’ll add confirmed information to the main lightning fire page here.

The map to the left shows the fires near Blocksburg. The flames represent a confirmed fire. The number one is for our area and then the next numbers indicate which fire it is in the order it was discovered. So, 1.32 is the thirty-second fire found in our area. According to these maps, there are at least 58 confirmed fires. We believe because of scanner traffic there are over 60 in Southern Humboldt alone. This does not include Trinity fires. Some have been extinguished.


Click each bullet-pointed link to go to a full page view.

Reader Barbara Giannini just put together this impressive list of the fires by map and then by fire number:  If you know her, tell her how awesome she is. Now, if people hear a fire number on the scanner they can quickly look up where the fires are located.

Fires by Map and Number
Map 1 – Holmes Flat

3.1 Mule Creek (Larabee Valley south of 36)

3.2 North of Mule Creek – Meadow Larabee Valley

3.4 Forest Service Road  01N10L

3.5 Due East of the Tree Farm

3.7 Mad River Rock Lookout Road – Btwn Lake and the Road

3.8 West between Ruth Lake and Van Duzen Road

3.9 West of Ruth Lake and East of Ruth-Van Duzen Road

3.12 Alderpoint

3.13 Alderpoint

Map 2 – Pratt Mountain South

1.1 & 1.5 West of Harris 1.5 to 2 miles west of Mail Ridge Road

1.9  South of Alderpoint Road North of Frenchmen’s Creek

1.17 N of Alderpoint Road South of Power’s Creek

1.24 Reed Mountain Area East of 101 @ Richarson’s Grove

1.25 Reed Mountain Area East of 101 @ Richardson’s Grove
1.26 East of 101 – East of South Fork of Eel River Panther Peak Area
1.27 South West of Harris about 2 miles
1.35 SW of Harris about three miles
1.41 West of Panter Peak
Map 3 East Branch of South fork of the Eel
1.9 See Map 2 Info
1.17 See Map 2 Info
1.20 North of Alderpoint Road We st of Mail Ridge Road
1.38 East of Dyerville Loop Road and East of Tuttle Buttes
1.43 Steelhead
1.47 East of Dyerville Loop Road and North of Winchester Ridge
1.48 See 1.56
1.53 Between Dyerville Loop Rd and Steelhead
1.54 See 1.56
1.55 Between Dyerville Loop Rd and Steelhead
1.56 East of Eel River;West of Alderpoint Road South East of the Landing Strip south of Fort
Map 4 Alderpoint North
1.2 Casterlin Road, East of Dobbyns Creek Ranch
1.12 Trinity County East of Humboldt County Line no roads.
1.13 Burning off East of Alderpoint in Line Gulch near the Water Tanks
1.37 West of Alderpoint Road just south of Casterlin Road
1.49 See 1.13
Map 5 Casterlin North
1.44 south East of Pine Mountain
Map 6 Blocksburg Area
1.4 SE of Alderpoint Road at Blocksburg
1.6 NW of Fort Seward about 1.5 to 2 miles west side of the River
1.28 North and East of Wildcate Butte nw of Ft. Seward
1.30 SE of Blocksburg (1-2 Miles) East of Alderpoint Road
1.32 2-3 Miles North of Blocksburg near Mountain Creek
1.49 East of Alderpoint Road (Line Gulch)
1.50 West of Alderpoint Road  & Strum Road (7-8 miles)
1.51 North & East of Wildcat Butte, NW of Fort Seward
1.58 West of Alderpoint Road – 2-3 Miles South of Blocksburg
1.59 1.5 -2 miles SW of Blocksburg

New fires as we map them: (red marker indicates latitude and longitude as we get them.)

Fire #1-64: map 1-64


Fire #1-67:

1-67 3.28 miles EAST of Kettenpon Store; small spot; Slow rate of spread. Click here for map.



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