[UPDATE 10:06 p.m. New Evacs Trinity Co./Bridgeville Meeting/Maps] Day Three: The Lightning Fires

Capture--large overview

Overview of the Humboldt and Trinity County Lightning Fires. [See larger image here]

Multiple areas in Trinity County received mandatory evacuation orders yesterday. Sheriff Downey issued a precautionary evacuation advisory for Blocksburg in Southeastern Humboldt late yesterday. We’ll be updating with information on the fires today in this post. (See yesterday’s photos and information here–including evacuations marked in red type.)

UPDATE 7:45 a.m.:


A smoke plume from a lightning fire currently burning near Hyampom is heading northwest towards the coast. (See satellite image from the National Weather Service to the left.)

The smoky conditions near the fires make it difficult for residents of the area to know how close to danger they are. Several structures have burned but residents often don’t know how close the fires might be to their homes.

One Blocksburg resident wrote this morning,

Out here in Blocksburg as you know fires have broken out in many places. There is very little info… as to what officials know and don’t know about them. It seems there are [fires] that have been reported but no one’s responded and residents have been left to fight on their own. Is there is any way to have a way for residents and officials to share info in a public forum? We all feel like sitting ducks out here–no idea if help is on the way or not.
[Many] of us watched a fire start and go crazy in the [F]ort Seward area followed by air support. [T]hen seemingly nothing and the fire raged all night getting closer. Now the entire area is so smoked out can’t see enough to drive away in some cases. [P]eople aren’t sure if it’s out or getting worse. Are evacuations in order or is it getting better?

UPDATE 7:46 p.m.: Facebook post from the National Weather Service.

UPDATE 8:15 a.m.: A call to the Ruth Marina confirms that Journey’s End is still standing!!. Buck, who answered our call, said, “It was a close one. With the wind that rose in the afternoon, the fire came up fast. [It] burned within a couple 100 yards behind the place…[But] it did not reach the county road…as far as I know, no structures were lost.”

UPDATE 8:50 a.m.: We have some Cal Fire maps from the Southern Humboldt incidents.

mpBlocksburgThis top map shows the fires near Blocksburg. The flames represent a confirmed fire. The number one is for our area and then the next numbers indicate which fire it is in the order it was discovered. So, 1.32 is the thirty-second fire found in our area. According to these maps, there are at least 58 confirmed fires. We believe because of scanner traffic there are over 60 in Southern Humboldt alone. This does not include Trinity fires. Some have been extinguished. [Here are the maps we have.]


UPDATE 9:18 p.m.: Are you prepared to evacuate? Here is a site with excellent information.


UPDATE 9:24 p.m.: Facebook post from Cal Fire on the Mendocino Lightning Fires.

UPDATE 9:35 a.m.: Photos from an area of Trinity Pines which was burned over.

Trinity pines2 Trinity Pines1



We have precautionary evacuations for the town of Blocksburg.

  • Meeting  [at 10 a.m.] Blocksburgs Post Office, 27984 Alderpoint Road.
  • Next meeting will be at [6 p.m.] Baptist Church in Bridgeville, 48215 Alderpoint Road in Bridgeville.

UPDATE 10:15 a.m: Federal Fire ops information for Northern California:

Fuels in most areas are now drier than average ….[R]esources are stretched thin currently and new ignitions will increase the likelihood of new significant fire development. Spotty rainfall today and Sunday will provide some moisture, but drier conditions with more sunshine and typically warm early August temperatures will push fuels into the VERY DRY category in all but the coastal areas by midweek. More than 100 new ignitions have been reported in the past 48 hours and the expected weather during the upcoming week will make any holdover fires more active.

UPDATE 10:28 p.m.: Scattered reports of showers in Southern Humboldt.
UPDATE 10:37 p.m.: Yesterday’s NASA satellite photo taken about 2:05 – 2:10 p.m. [Click to see updating map here.]


UPDATE 10:41 a.m.: Local tells us, “There are 2 confirmed fires burning a few miles up Dyerville Loop Rd. (the East side) after you turn onto it from AP road.  Cal Fire is aware of them and responded last night.  Not sure if they still have units on scene.  Neighbors got together and have been keeping the fires contained since Day 1.  Air quality is terrible right now.”

UPDATE 10:48 a:m: Cathie Rush from Trinity County Solid Waste Transfer Station posted on Trinity_Alert, “Due to smoke and proximity of fires the following transfer stations will be closed Saturday Aug 1 and Sunday Aug 2. Hayfork Transfer, Burnt Ranch Transfer, Hyampom Transfer, Van Duzen and Ruth Transfer Stations. We will update the website www.trinitycounty.org/ solidwaste and information line 530-623-1326 x 199 as the conditions change.”


Down River Area Evacuations:

~Denny Area Voluntary Evacuations

For the town of Denny and surrounding area US Forest Service is recommending voluntary

evacuations at this time. Multiple fires are threatening Denny Road and the ability to evacuate the area.

~Castle Rock Area Mandatory Evacuations

Mandatory Evacuations have been requested by US Forest Service and ordered by the Trinity County

Sheriff’s Department for residences in the area of Underwood Mountain Rd, Castle Rock and Hog

Ranch including 5 N 40 road, 5 N 07 Road, 5 N 09 Road, Big Lake, hidden Lake, to 5 N 60 Road to

Mill Creek Road

~Mill Creek Rd Voluntary Evacuations

Mandatory Evacuations have been requested by US Forest Service and ordered by the Trinity County

Sheriff’s Department for the following area from Highway 299 about 1 mile down Mill Creek Rd

~Road Closures for Down River Area:

Soft Closures Hwy 299 @ Underwood Mountain Rd

~No Evacuation Center at this time

Mad River/Ruth Area Evacuations:

~Ruth Lake Area Mandatory Evacuations

Mandatory Evacuations have been requested by US Forest Service and ordered by the Trinity County

Sheriff’s Department for residences in the area of Mad River Rd from Highway 36 to Three Forks Road

area and the back side of the lake on Ruth/Zenia Road to the Ruth Dam

Road Closures for Mad River Area:

Hard Closure: Hwy 36 @ Forest Glen west to Lower Mad River Rd and Lower Mad River

Rd to Ruth/Zenia Rd

Soft Closure: Ruth/Zenia Rd to Three Forks Area

Red Cross Evacuation Center for Mad River/Ruth is at: Van Duzen Community Center, Van

Duzen Road, Mad River

Hayfork Area Evacuations:

~Kingsbury Gulch Mandatory Evacuations

Mandatory Evacuations have been requested by US Forest Service and ordered by the Trinity County

Sheriff’s Department for residences in the area of Morgan Hill Rd from Pine St to Kingsbury Gulch Rd,

including Kingsbury Rd, Center St, Dirt Rd

~Mill Gulch Mandatory Evacuations

Mandatory Evacuations have been requested by US Forest Service and ordered by the Trinity County

Sheriff’s Department for the Mill Gulch area

~Trinity Pines Mandatory Evacuations

Mandatory Evacuations have been requested by US Forest Service and ordered by the Trinity County

Sheriff’s Department for residences in the area of Trinity Pines you will need to evacuate to Post

Mountain Road to Highway 36 to Red Bluff or Highway 36 to Highway 3 to Hayfork.

Road Closures for Hayfork Area:

Hard Closure: Hwy 3 @ Fairgrounds south on Hwy 3 to Hwy 36 and Hwy 36 @

Wildwood Rd to all W/B Traffic

Red Cross Evacuation Center for Hayfork is at: Solid Rock Christian Church, 66 Tule Creek Rd,


Hyampom Area Evacuations:

~Corral Bottom Mandatory Evacuations

Mandatory Evacuations have been requested by US Forest Service and ordered by the Trinity County

Sheriff’s Department for the following areas from the intersection of Road 16 and Road 47 to Road 47

to Road 60 and Road 60 into Hyampom

~End of Kerlin Creek Rd

~Skunk Ranch Area

~Manzanita Ranch Area

Road Closures for Hyampom Area:

Soft Closure: Hwy 299 @ Corral Bottom Rd [A soft closure means that flaggers allow you through. Expect delays. ]

UPDATE 11:50 a.m.: Showers for some areas.

UPDATE 11:52 a.m.: Interview can be heard by clicking the blue text “soundcloud”

UPDATE 12:20 p.m.:

Some key points from Terri Klemetson’s interview with Cal Fire Safety Officer for Humboldt Lightning Complex:

We have in excess of 70 separate fires in Southern Humboldt.

Blocksburg and Fort Seward areas have uncontrolled

Two of biggest concerns are Blocksburg and Fort Seward–some fires nearby not controlled or contained. Evacuation advisory and law enforcement are in the area and will advise as to what and how the process will go.

Most fires are 1 to 20 acre fires. Estimate 800-1000 acres burning in Southern Humboldt (New aircraft mapping occurring now.)

Anyone see fire without resources call 911 and give general description of area (gps would be great!)

Resources are heading to the Alderpoint area, too.

1-57 Boehne Butte may be one of the largest fires near Fort Seward.

Firefighters are tired. They are coming off other fires. Been on them for a month in some cases. Driving safety–narrow roads. Thunderstorm safety–take shelter.

UPDATE 12:38 p.m.: According to the North Coast Air Quality Management District, “[S]moke should not impact the Northwest coast as strongly. However… with numerous fires already burning, the south and west winds will likely keep the interior regions plagued with smoke and ashfall.” Follow the link for more smoke information.

NCAQMD also provided this Handy Dandy guide to some of the named fires: When possible these are linked to the inciweb where the latest information is usually available.

  • Pickett/Gobler Fire – Ruth Lake area (Humboldt[/Trinity] Counties)
  • Rail Fire – Rail Canyon off Hwy 3 south of Hayfork (Trinity County)
  • River Complex fires – near Denny (Trinity County)
  • Fork Complex fires – near Hyampom, Hayfork (Trinity County)
  • Barker Fire – north of Hwy 3, northeast of Hayfork (Trinity County)
  • Rocky Fire – Lower Lake (Lake County

UPDATE 1:07 p.m.: Six Rivers Forest updated with a large important press release. Click on this link to go there. The gist is: “This is an unprecedented fire event that is happening on this forest, and forests throughout California. It’s eclipsing any fire event we’ve had before, even the 2008 fires.”

UPDATE 2:19 p.m.: Evacuation and Emergency messaging information from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On July 31, at approximately 10:30 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey issued a precautionary evacuation advisory for Blocksburg, due to the Humboldt Lightning complex fires. As of 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 1, Blocksburg remains under an evacuation advisory only. Humboldt County is not under any mandatory evacuation orders at this time. Any changes in evacuation status will be conveyed by emergency notification system or “reverse calling”, to the media and via social media. The County Emergency Operations Center is currently activated at a Level 1, or monitor status, in order to coordinate any evacuations that may be ordered in the future and assist with resource needs.

Individuals registered to receive emergency notifications from the County should have received emergency messaging immediately following issuance of the advisory. Residents of Humboldt County may register at any time to receive emergency messages, but there may be a delay between registration and receipt of messaging.


UPDATE 2:55 p.m.: Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department:

Fire activity continues to keep fire departments active in all areas of
California. Continued dry, hot, windy conditions through the weekend will keep fire danger high.

Residents of Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity Counties may see some smoke associated with wildfires. The amount of smoke in your area will be dependent on weather and fire activity.

Wildfire Smoke and High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters have been placed the Hayfork Evacuation Center at Solid Rock Church, 66 Tule Creek Road, Hayfork and at the Van Duzen Community Center on 591 Van Duzen Road, Mad River.


1.5-3 miles visibility
People with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should avoid heavy or prolonged exertion.

1-1.5 miles visibility
People with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should avoid all physical activity outdoors.

Under 1 mile visibility
Everyone should avoid all physical activity outdoors. People with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should remain indoors and keep activity levels low.

UPDATE 3:23 p.m.: Between one and two p.m., the National Weather Service says there were eight new lightning strikes.

UPDATE 3:40 p.m.: Help is on the way! Forest Service says over 200 firefighters are on their way.

Here’s one firefighter (and Raider’s Fan,) Tony, whose new assignment is our Lightning Fires. If you have a Twitter account, you can follow his tweets. The Twitter feed near the bottom of RB will carry his updates. At about 2:30 he was leaving the firestation and headed to fight the fires near Blocksburg.

UPDATE 3:51 p.m.: Today’s Satellite Photo. Note the smoke trails.


UPDATE 4:15 p.m.: Video of Trinity Pines, a forest of charred sticks. The videographer says it was taken this afternoon. “That video was taken this afternoon. [T]his is what modern-day firefighting looks like when there’s no resources.”

UPDATE 4:37 p.m.: Tony, the Raider loving firefighter, posted this from the frontlines of Blocksburg.

UPDATE 5 p.m.: According to Cal Fire spokesperson Laura Coleman, two structures have been destroyed and 1000 acres have burned in the Southern Humboldt area. 600 personnel are working on the situation. She writes,

At least 70 fires have been identified , and 52 of those are currently contained. Fires are burning in steep, difficult to access terrain. Fuel consists of dense timber, brush, and grass.

An advisory evacuation is in place for the community of Blocksburg. A temporary evacuation center has been set up by the Alderpoint Volunteer Fire Department at 17440 Alderpoint Road.


Road Closures:

Highway 36 is closed 10 miles east of the county line.

UPDATE 5:30 p.m.: Additions to earlier evacuations in Trinity County.

***Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Evacuation Update***



The Salvation Army has arrived with their canteen truck in Hayfork at the Evacuation Shelter at Solid Rock Christian Church on Tule Creek Rd. They will be serving meals for residents who have been evacuated from their homes. You do not need to stay at the shelter to receive a meal. Meals will be ready to serve at around 6:15pm.



***New Evacuation Orders***


~ Van Duzen Road Advisory

Advisory Notifications have been requested by U S Forest Service and ordered by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department for residences in the area of Van Duzen Road from the dump to the intersect of the Ruth/Zenia Road. There is potential fire activity moving into this area. Please be prepared for notifications to evacuate.


***Old information from yesterday’s evacuations not listed earlier today.***Barker Creek Rd was given Mandatory Evacuation Notices and Farmer Ranch Rd was given Voluntary Evacuation Notices yesterday and there have been no changes today. Sorry for the confusion!

 have been requested by US Forest Service and ordered by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department for residences in the area of Barker Creek Road. [Correction at 8:45 p.m. from TCSO]

UPDATE 5:40 p.m.: Tony, the tweeting firefighter, updates from the frontlines of the Blocksburg fires:

UPDATE 6:04 p.m.: Followup to earlier post from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

A temporary evacuation center has been established at the Alderpoint Volunteer Fire Company’s fire hall for residents who choose to voluntarily evacuate from Blocksburg or surrounding areas. The precautionary evacuation advisory remains in effect for Blocksburg only, and there are no mandatory evacuation orders at this time. The Alderpoint VFC is located at 17440 Alderpoint Rd., Alderpoint 95511. This information and any additional updates will be available on a recorded message from CAL FIRE at (707) 418-0411.

UPDATE 6:40 p.m.: Heartbreaking pieces–Occasionally, we hear snippets on the scanner that we can’t identify the exact fire that is being referenced but we know that people are in dangerous situations.

  • Recently we heard a firefighter describing fire on both sides of whatever road he was traveling. He was “trying to make access to location of the civilians and then guide them out.”
  • About 5 p.m. we heard “Fire at Ruth Lake. They’re not trying to let anything burn but they’re just strapped for resources out there.”
  • And, this we didn’t hear but it is from the Broadcastify scanner site: Posted about 5 p.m.: “Deerhorn” fire in N/E Humboldt County off Hwy 96 is problematic late this afternoon. Trying to get air tankers and helos from anywhere, with little luck so far. Expected camp crew not available, trying to order smoke-jumpers if possible.”

UPDATE 6:55 p.m.: Speaking of smoke…Eli Rohl took these for us about 6:15 p.m. 

smok eli2 smoke eli


They were taken just east of Weaverville on Hwy 299.






UPDATE 8:06 p.m.: Supervisor Estelle Fennell summarizes what we know about the Humboldt fires:

UPDATE 10:06 p.m.: UPDATE on the Fork Complex in the Shasta Trinity Forest.

  • A community meeting will be held tomorrow, August 2, at 1pm at the Hayfork Community Church in Hayfork. 
  • A community meeting will be held tomorrow, August 2, at 4pm in Hyampom, at the Volunteer Fire Department.

Fire management staff will provide operational updates and
provide closure and evacuation information.

Current fire situation:
The Fork Complex consists of approximately 30 fires, all of which were ignited by lightning between July 29 and 31, 2015. Operational priorities are to provide for firefighter and public safety, provide community and infrastructure defense, and protect natural and cultural resources.

Additional firefighters were dispatched to the Fork Complex today, and total resource numbers will likely continue to grow in the coming days. Favorable weather conditions gave firefighters an opportunity to assess fires from the ground, although a thick inversion layer hung over the Complex for most of the day, limiting the use of aircraft. Crews continued to assess structure protection opportunities around affected areas, to build direct containment lines when possible, and to confirm numbers and sizes of individual fires.

Current acreages are estimated at*:

Southern Fire Area
Blue Fire: 1500 Shiell Fire:675 Peak Fire: 10 Rail Fire: 850 Hyampom Fire Area
Johnson: 2700 Pell/ Pell2/ Pelletreau: 460 Kerlin: 10 Gates: 625 Barker Fire/ Barker 2: 1550

East of the South Fork Trinity River,  North of Hyampom
Skunk: 3400 * Acreages are estimated. Some small fires are unnamed- acreages are estimated in the total but are not listed specifically above.  

A Red Cross has established an evacuation center has been established at the Solid Rock Christian Church at the intersection of State Route 3 and Tule Creek Road in Hayfork. The Salvation Army is also offering water and meals to residents at the Church, whether or not they are staying at the evacuation center.

Evacuation areas listed more specifically; no additional evacuations have been issued.
Mandatory Evacuations* as of 6pm on August 1 include residences along:

End of Kerlin Creek Road (Hyampom area)

  • Skunk Ranch Area (Hyampom area)
  • Manzanita Ranch Area (Hyampom area)
  • Residences along Forest Roads 3N44 and 3N50 (Hyampom area)
  • Underwood Mountain Road (Forest Road 5N60) and Forest Roads 4N09 and 4N24 (Hyampom area)
  • Residences at Post Mountain Ranch
  • Residences along Barker Creek Road
  • Morgan Hill Road from Pine Street to Kingsbury Gulch Road, including Kingsbury Road, Center Street, and Dirt Road.
  • Mill Gulch (Highway 3 north to Hayfork)
  • Kingsbury Gulch Road (Hayfork area)
    • Closures associated* with the fires as of 6pm on August 1
  • State route 3 from State Route 36 to Hyampom Road
  • State Route 36 from the junction with State Route 3 to Post Mountain
  • State Route 3 south of the Hayfork Fairgrounds
  • All roads associated with the residences listed above
  • Forest Closure
    A Forest closure is anticipated for the fire areas. The forest closure will include all roads and land within the closure boundary. The closure will be posted when it is complete.




UPDATE 11:34 p.m.: Crews started firing an area near Blocksburg at 11 p.m. Don’t worry. Here’s more on what’s happening.

UPDATE August 2: The fire coverage continues here.
Earlier Chapters:



  • You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work

    • I agree. Awesome job and thank you. Lots of lightning strikes in and around crescent city last night but I don’t know if any fires have been started.

  • I heard a internet rumour that journeys end was lost to fire. Anyone know if that’s true?

  • Thank you for the constant updates and information.

  • Aaron Quinn cox

    I got a text last night from a friend out in burnt ranch….saying they are advising evacuation for burnt ranch…… Not mandatory yet….

  • Can you tell me if Alderpoint Road is closed due to fires – and also where is the best place to find this info? Thx!

  • Lara, the time of the question was before the update.

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  • Just saw what looked like 4 volunteer firefighter vehicles headed east on alder point road a few miles before alder point. Hopefully they’re coming to you Blocksburg! You’re in my thoughts.

  • 6 Sugar Pine fire vehicles just spotted headed up Alderpoint road. Go get em boys&girls!!!! Thank you so much!

  • You are our prime source of info on the lightning fires, specifically the Blocksburg area. There was a time when we would listen to KMUD News for such information. I guess Reggae on the River is a hell of a lot more important than a bunch of SOHUMers possibly losing their homes. It’s too smoky to see a damn thing.

    • KMUD is helping me get information. Terri and I are working closely together to get information out to everyone. We all need to work together to protect you folks on the frontlines.

      • Terri from KMUD is en route to Cal Fire HQ to see if any more detailed info can be obtained. I’m reading an update of what we know each half hour. The lack of information has been frustrating to the news people as much as to the people who may be in the path of the fires. I live in Alderpoint where the smoke was extremely thick this morning. Three fires are known to be burning downstream of the town and there is no information about them, but we suspect no one is yet fighting them. There is a 4th fire in the area at Casterlin which was seemed to be getting helicopter water drops 2 days ago. Yesterday the smoke was quite large so it was not out. Kim is our best source of information. We don’t know whether to pack up or to buy some sandwiches for firefighters at the Alderpoint store. The news that Blockburg may be evacuated was a real shock. I saw a number of fighters coming up the Alderpoint road from Garberville this morning so it seems like some help may be on the way.

        • Ed, has that fire out Steelhead been assigned a number? If so, what is it?

          • it does have a number which I saw on one of these maps. I will have to see about getting back to the map but I’m going with 1.43. Thats confirmed. This fire is at Steelhead which is an abandoned town site probably no structures but accessable from Alderpoint on some 4wd roads. Also troubling for Alderpoint are fires 1.45 and 1.52 which are further down the canyon. Fire 1.3 looks like it is at or very near the CDF station, or “Fire Camp” as we call it. The smoke we see coming from behind the north ridge would be 1.14, and the two fires that appear to be at Casterlin: 1.37 and 1.2.

        • Ed…and Kym. Thanks for the very current updates. I’m glad this site is being shared. A big shout out to the volunteers that are helping everyone.

      • BIG THUNDER just this second in loleta. 10:45am.

        you are doing an amazing job with this kym & as spotty as the info has been coming in via word of mouth. you always do a great job, thank you!

        i think of many who don’t have access to the internet, or have no power.
        radio would be the one outlet for news for them. (my next purchase will be a hand-crank radio!).
        do you know of any stations reporting on these fires? i imagine the hamm radio people have been on top of it, no hamm here though. maybe someone reading this knows a hamm and can relay info that way…or point them this way.

        how about weather radios? the do this kind of emergency updating i thought.

        i listen to the scanner, but with the codes and staticty reception they use i usually have no clue.

        i do know these men on the scanner sound exhausted. i thank them with all my heart. i heard one fighter has died in the state.

        omg this is horrible. when it was said that the fire season would be bad, when they post “high fire danger” notices…i had NO idea it would be like this.

        i’m from wisconsin. there was a fire raging on interstate 94 (jack pine, scrub oak, drought conditions) by the wisconsin dells area. the police were stopping traffic and telling people they had a legal duty to assist fighting the fires. we had volunteer fighter in that rural area and they were overwhelmed. it was a hot day; 90*’s and 70+ humidity.
        my friend’s kitty and don were stopped and handed shovels and they jumped in with the others fighting that fire.
        with the combined efforts of all those folk, it was stomped out.
        wherever she had exposed skin kitty & don looked like they were sunburned.

        is there anyway we can assist in the effort? so many of we city dwellers in our safe locations could maybe help?
        even to just bring beverages and sandwiches to the fighters – or where they can be distributed?
        or just stay out of the way.

        thank you again!

  • We lost a bunch of homes in Post Mountain,still to much fire to tell how many have been lost,PMVFD was on there own,because all resources where committed to saving Hayfork and the other fires burning in Ruth etc. I think 1 copter would have changed the outcome of this fire,its called the Blue Fire.
    the fire started Thursday evening with a lightning south of hwy 36. I know USFS and PMVFD worked on it that night,yesterday evening it blew up with nobody to stop it from crossing Hwy 36 and into Post Mountain..PMVFDs Engines where gone working on fires in Hayfork and by the time they returned the fire was making a run thru the Post Mountain Sub Division..PMVFD asked for help but none came,so it was up to them and alot of locals that slowed it down. Help is here this morning a OES and FS strike team of Engines and a dozer..


      Forest Circus is loving that post mountain went up- they openly hate the PMVFD and have given them sheet for years.

      Maybe Trinity will wake up after this and kick out the Forest Circus once and for all.

      Stump fires will burn for weeks underground and we’ll for sure be reading something regarding someone falling down into underground coals.

      Don’t venture into burn areas, you’re taking your life into your hands.

  • Helicopters are really the perfect tool for putting out the several remote lightning strike fires around Blocksburg from a few days ago. Not just a few water drops by a helo before it flies off. Why not an army of 50 helos putting all the fires out? Doesn’t the military have 1,000’s of helos parked around the nation?
    The military should be all out protecting the homes & property of citizens. What difference does it make if you lose your home from a under manned forest fire, or you lose your home from a foreign attack? Your home & life is still gone.
    There is no greater unsung hero than the firefighter who puts out a small 1/2 acre fire, before it becomes out of control.
    Now day 3 of the 50 to 70 lightning strike fires around Blocksburg & 80% percent of them are out of control, many of them unattended.
    The fires have become so large that hot ashes are beginning to fall far from the fires. The thick smoke makes it impossible to know where the approaching danger lies.
    What is the reason why a fleet of 50 military helos could not of stopped this approaching disaster before it became out of control?

    • Well said. We watched the smoke up on the bluff go from a camp fire size to flaming all the way down to the creek yesterday.

  • Its raining in Redway 10:10 am

  • I’m praying for all of you!!please take care.im hoping we get more out of state firefighters we need all we can get.bless all of u for the info.

  • Thank you for working so diligently to keep everyone updated on the fire situations! I still can’t find any info for Denny/ Burnt Ranch/Willow Creek area? Anyone know what’s happening? I’ve looked at all the fire maps etc….and keep coming up with nothing.

    • I just got a call from my grandparents who have a place over in Trinity Village. They said that they got a call (not sure if it was CAL fire or HBVFD) asking for permission to go on their property to fight the blaze, if it came to that.

      I have been searching for more info about the Denny fire as well (River complex, i believe) didn’t find out much. Can anyone confirm any calls from CAL fire of HBVFD in the Trinity Village area?

    • KMUD news says there are voluntary evacuations in Denny and Ruth, and a comment on this blog said the same for Burnt Ranch. The lack of detailed current information is frustrating but we’ll get it to you as it comes in.

      • Terri is back and KMUD will broadcast an interview she conducted at Cal Fire. Air time expected to be shortly after 11am.

        • On air now. Report from Cal Fire is that people are heading to Alderpoint to start fighting the four fires there. Also Fort Seward, and, of course, Blocksburg. More news from KMUD as it comes in. I am off air in 14 minutes and will be heading home to Alderpoint. I’ll let you know if I see anything interesting.

  • My heart goes out to all involved in this disaster. Sending prayers your way, with hopes of Ham radios coming to the communication rescue.

  • 3 hours ago..
    #MendocinoLightningFires [update] throughout Mendocino County – 6 fires, 50 acres, 80% contained. 4-2 Cahto fire is 30 acres, 40% contained.

    I would like updates on these fires.

  • Just drove to Fort Seward via Mail Ridge off of Alderpoint Road. Smoky but road is empty and driveable. Came down to grab dogs and cats to ferry them north. Smoky by Boehne Butte, slight breeze heading down river. Visibility about 1/2 mile. My brother says he had two of the pink lettered Blackhawks hover 100 feet off the deck earlier. Says Calfire knows about Fort Seward and won’t let the houses burn.

    Go Calfire! Go Kym Kemp! 🙂

  • Absolutely professional,Kym. Thank you.

  • There was a layer of thick smoke about 1000′ or more deep in the Eel River canyon at Alderpoint. I sent you a couple of pictures. The wind is picking up a bit now which is good for visibility but bad for fire fighting. Fire fighters were seen at the Alderpoint store earlier today, and the store reports that none were staying here to fight our 3 fires. Blocksburg, which is in danger enough for evacuation orders to be considered, seems to be their goal. The weather report indicates very little wind (10 mph) in the next 36 hours, which will help keep the unfought fires from really getting bad, I hope. About 30 minutes ago a large helicopter with a bucket flew down the canyon over the Eel river as if looking for a pool deep enough draw from. It hasn’t been back. A smaller chopper, perhaps a spotter, came over soon thereafter. Since then it’s been quiet.

  • Terri K from KMUD went to the fire command center about 1/2 hour ago to get an updated interview with, she hopes, the new aerial surveillance info.

    • I’m in AP. Have been watching the smoke from the Steelhead fire. Last night it crested the ridge line and I finally saw flames. It’s across the river from Steelhead up on that ridge on the inside curve where the river jogs sharply from going west to north heading to Ft. Seward. It’s burning slowly thru the understory. Finally got a look at it as the smoke receded a bit. That chopper seemed to look at it but then circled AP a few times and left.

  • 4 pm: A tractor trailer convoy of maybe 5 or 6 with accompanying pickups full of equipment, I guess, just came through Alderpoint, stopping on the bridge. Need to cool those brakes after a steep downhill run of 8 or 9 miles. They just headed out towards Blocksburg area. This is a very encouraging sight.

    A very large helicopter started dipping into the river a couple of hours ago, too. It looked so big, was so loud, but welcome all the same.

    After not being able to see across the road from my house this morning, I can now see across the river. Smoke clearing or shifting, don’t know which.

  • Friends pic from property across from riverbend trailer park in dinsmore. The smoke has been thick like fog almost all day. Finally clearing a bit. Any news on the Ruth fire? % contained/acreage

  • Are any of the roads around the Alderpoint area closed down?

  • Burn baby burn! The season of devastation has just begun! The Earth will cleanse and make new, that which has been put asunder! Bring it on!

    • WHAT?? Type of ignorant and preachy type of comment is this??. You should be THANKFUL that people are willing to give time, effort, and resources to save Dumbasses like you and your family and home.😠 On another note, A BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers from the local community and additional supporting areas that are risking their lives to put these blazes out. THANK YOU!!

  • New mandatory evacuation in Hayfork – Farmer Ranch road, northeast of town, off of Big Creek Road.

  • This is so sad. I’ve been fighting back tears and sometimes losing the battle. Is there anywhere that able bodied men and women can go to help the firefighters? My husband said he will go. We are in the eel river valley sending our love and thoughts to everybody facing loss.

  • I’m trying to find news on the Ruth Lake area. Journey’s End, the Marina, etc. I’ve checked all the websites for USFS and CalFire. No word from any of those. Does anyone have an update?

  • From Southern Trinity Area Rescue’s Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/starvolunteerambulance

    FIRE UPDATE!!!!! just got off the phone with Trinity County Sheriff’s office and they say that the Van Duzen Rd and Hettenshaw Valley are now under an ADVISORY EVACUATION notice.The fires here are now being called the Mad River Complex and are at around 5,200 acres including the 3 on Buck mountain. The ones in Ruth account for most of it though. Be safe everyone!

    From Supe. John Fenley:
    Be prepared for an advisory evacuation of the Van Duzen Rd including Hettenshaw Valley north to Brown’s Camp/County Dump. I will forward when available.
    This fire incident in Trinity County is immense. Resources have been committed and are reroute, The Type 2 Team is working on the Hayfork, Hyampom and Post Mtn. areas. A Type 1 Team assigned to the Denny area, and a NIMO Team (National Multi Agency Coordinating) is due soon.
    NIMO http://www.nifc.gov/nimo/nimo_faq.htm
    InciWeb http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/state/5/#
    As of 11:15 this morning Mad River area has currently 5,200 acres counting the three fires on Buck Mtn, however, the east and west side of Ruth lake make up the majority, per District Ranger Dan Dill.
    I am going to try to get to the briefing in Mad River if the roads are not closed.
    Thanks, John
    John Fenley
    Supervisor Trinity County District 5

    • Thank you so much for the update. Not good news. I know many people in that area. It’s hard to sit here and feel helpless. Thank you to everyone who is helping in any way they can.

  • I can’t compliment you enough for the coverage.

  • Aaron Quinn cox

    The Denny fire (I think!)…. Or maybe haypom/hey fork… Fire as seen from elk ridge…

  • Aaron Quinn cox

    Actually that might me the mad river complex…. Sorry for not knowing !

  • Live in AP. Can see 2 choppers flying in the smoke plumes at times..🔥

  • What’s the steelhead fire looking like? Any other concerns in the alderpoint area?

    • We have 7 fires in the Alderpoint area. Steelhead is the closest to Alderpoint proper, and to the Rancho Sequoia. Two more burn downstream, North of the town there is one by fire camp, one north of town between the road and the north face of the north ridge, and two at Casterlin. in addition there is at least one fire at Fort Seward. None of these fires threaten Blocksburg, so it is not clear if any of them are being actively fought now. There definitely are fire crews in the Blocksburg-Alderpoint area, but we don’t know where they actually are.

  • west side pratt

    Here’s a panoramic photo from 4pm today looking east from the top of Fort Seward Road, where it intersects with Dyerville Loop Road on Pratt Mountain. The view is Blocksburg on the left (NE) panning across the Eel(E) and then to a ridge on the west side of the Eel/east side of Pratt that is on fire(SE). I believe that is part of the Seward Ranch.
    The next two photos are from the same place. The first is of the view toward Blocksburg and the second is the ridge on Seward ranch burning on the east side of Pratt, with Fort Seward Road in the foreground.
    They were dropping borate on the fire near Blocksburg, which is very close to several homesteads. Beyond Blocksburg over the far ridge is a giant plume…maybe the Ruth area?

    Thanks to all for their work and vigilance!

  • west side pratt

    Here’s the second, showing the fire progressing up a ridge toward some homes. This is where they were dropping borate:

  • west side pratt

    and the third, a ridge on Seward Ranch with Ft. Seward Road in foreground:

  • west side pratt

    This is from a saddle on Dyerville Loop Road at 5pm today, about 4 miles out from the Alderpoint Road junction looking toward Alderpoint(SE). I’m not sure what this fire is being called. It’s on a ridge on the SE slope of Pratt Mountain in timber. I couldn’t see any fire in the treetops. It all seems to be moving in the understory….a relief to see that.

  • Just saw lightning (possibly a strike )(hopefully in-cloud Lightning!) in trinity somewhere east of haypom/hay fork….viewing from elk ridge…

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  • Anyone know about Burnt Ranch? I know there is an advisory evacuation, but I don’t know how much danger Hennessy Rd. is in.

  • Folks: Lots of good, updated information on http://www.wildlandfire.com. zoom in on the North America Map on the home page. You will be able to use this feature like google maps. if you locate Humboldt county, you can zoom in on the fires in Alderpoint and Blocksberg. You will see updated maps on exactly where the fire perimeters are at time of mapping (sometime this morning).
    Good luck.

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