Followup on Gabe Jackson’s Death:Thomas Kane’s Court Case Moves Forward

Gabe by K

Gabe Jackson [Photo used with permission of Kerri Vanmeter]

Thomas Kane, age 27 of Redway, has been charged with a felony hit and run as well as concealment of an accidental death in the ATV accident that took the life of Southern Humboldt resident Gabe Jackson.

The District Attorney’s Office alleges that, last October, Kane and Jackson were involved in a collision on Little Buck Mountain Road east of Garberville. Jackson died as a result. Afterwards, the DA alleges that Kane moved Jackson’s ATV.

A CHP press release from October 14 states,

On October 5, 2014, at approximately 1230 hours,Thomas Kane was driving a Toyota Sequoia SUV southbound on Buck Mountain Road, south of Alderpoint Road, at approximately 30 miles per hour.  Gabriel Jackson was driving a Honda ATV northbound on Buck Mountain Road, south of Alderpoint Road, at an unknown speed.  For reasons still under investigation, the two vehicles were involved in a head-on collision.  Gabriel Jackson was fully ejected from the ATV and sustained fatal injuries.
The CHP established by investigation that when the collision occurred, instead of reporting it, Mr. Kane moved the ATV “over the edge of the embankment,” said Keat.

At approximately 10:05 a.m. on October 6, Marjorie Jackson, mother of Gabe Jackson reported the traffic accident to 911. However, the CHP report above alleges that the original time the collision occurred was approximately 12:30 p.m. on the fifth. “We have an ear witness,” Keat explained. Later, he says, “A search warrant for Kane’s vehicle confirmed the collision.”

Thomas Kane is scheduled to appear in court on August 20th and 26th for preliminary hearings before the actual trial.

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  • Heartbreaking a mother could be involved [edit] and try to cover it up. Greed at its worst. I pray for the people who love Gabe that there is justice. Rest in paradise Big Red.

  • I have heard some grim stories about this “accident”…

  • So sad but glad they are finally following through with charges!!! Now his mother needs to be charged as an accomplice!

  • This was a murder. Everybody up there knows it. [edit–please no allegations that have not been at least alluded to by law enforcement.] GABE Was going to the sheriff. Im glad the S.O. is finally doing something. Also, it is highly believed his mother knew all this for at least one day

    • Amen justice has finally prevailed. I’m related to Gabe’s girlfriend. SHE has suffered long enough. I hope and Pray she may begin her healing now and Gabe may finally Rest in Peace.

  • I am a relative of Gabe’s girlfriend and little boy. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!! JUSTICE HAS FINALLY PREVAILED!!!! God Bless you sweet cousins….the Power of Prayer always comes through!!!! Amen!! May Gabe now finally Rest in Peace.

  • Prayers has all to deal with this, what’s up Einstein believes in God.

  • Mendo Sheriff Allman’s nephew, BTW…

  • Both Kane and Gabe’s mom are guilty of murder. Any local would tell ya.

  • Silver Back Guerilla

    Yes, this is another sad ending of life… Too many of the youths get involved in the “Fast Life” of the local industry. Send these kids away for a positive education.

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