UPDATE on Yesterday’s Early Morning Assault

One of the suspects sits on the ground surrounded by officers.

One of the suspects sits on the ground surrounded by officers.

Carlson, Katherine

Katherine Carlson

Marissa Carlson

Marissa Carlson

Here’s a further update on the incident of the woman reportedly beaten with a hammer and a bat early yesterday morning.

Below Brittany Powell of the Eureka Police Department recapped the incident for us and added these mugshots as well as. We’ve highlighted some new information that is now included.

On 07/28/15 at about 1:41 a.m., officers responded to 6th and V Streets for the report of a female that had been assaulted with hammers and bats and robbed.  Officers made contact with several possibly involved people near 6th and T Streets but were unable to locate the victim.  Marissa Carlson (26) was arrested for an outstanding warrant and Katherine Carlson (27) was arrested for being in possession of a billy club and possession of a controlled substance.     The victim called from the vicinity of the Burre Center and denied the need for medical aid.  Officers searched the area but were still unable to locate a victim.

At 6:45 a.m., the victim phoned EPD and made contact with officers.  The victim again denied the need for medical attention.  After the victim was interviewed, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon charges were added to both Marissa and Katherine Carlson. 

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  • I was going to say it appears as if we have yet another Meth situation on our hands, judging by their uncontrolled behavior as well as that Meth Face look (A Face Full Of ZITS)!!!! :-C

  • looks like they haven’t been tweeking too long maybe this situation will help them kick that nasty s***

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