One Person Shot, Suspect Located


Press release provided by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

On Tuesday, July 28, 2015 at approximately 2:35 pm the Trinity County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center received a 911 call reporting shots fired in the Indian Valley area. Deputies responded to the area and located all involved parties. One person was shot and flown out to an area hospital. The victim is in fair condition. The suspect was located.
Interviews are being conducted and the investigation is ongoing.
No other information is available at this time.

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  • The victim is lucky to be alive shot in the upper chest is what I heard

  • Shot in upper left chest with shotgun is what Fire EMS reported on radio, it happened out in Indian Valley shot by a neighbor, from what I heard he was driving himself to Hayfork to meet EMS and used the Cal Fire Engine to stop his car, car was towed to Sheriff impound in Weaverville..

  • Has anyone been able to get the names of the persons involved?

  • Shooter was Ed, don’t know victims name…happened on ( I think they said) Mule Lovers Ln, Indian Valley
    That’s all I know for sure.


      Mule Lovers comes in off 10 on the 10, and heads up to a massive grow that was busted a couple years back. The top house changes hands but the latest are gun junkies and from the J Krew so the love of money is religion.
      Years ago, that neighborhood was pretty cool. It had a crazy lady, pissed off ex logger, retired meat packer from arkansas, a couple gay guys on the other 40, the squatter house, boy scout guy with no windows on his shed, the a-frame with the divorced husband who’s wife left him for a woman, and a grower with a cat.

      Before the Hmongs bought the arkansas parcel, the retired cop’s place sold to the guy that got shot a couple years ago. Now Hmongs, more J Krew, and No Name creek is flowing under ground making for anger, water fights, easement bs, and yet again, people getting shot.

      They really should look into JKrew because last time were sniper rifles, etc. and they even had the 80 parcel through sawyer’s.

      Honestly, what was a decent neighborhood full of dirt bike riding gay guys in an off grid house, has become the monster grow with gunfire going off around the clock.

      Normally, TCSO is too scared to drive out there- so that is why the wounded guy drove himself to help. It wouldn’t shock me if they aren’t even out there yet, but waiting for feds or more back up. The T Pines sniper scared them and you never see them alone out there. I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be a cop driving out there by myself. They are asking to get robbed or have their car stolen.

      Hope the wounded guy is ok and I hope the days of gay parties up on d & tyler’s place return, it was a better neighborhood then.

      Just look at this zillow ad for the neighborhood:

  • We heard it on the scanner,hope their ok god bless

  • Who is the J Krew ?


      It’s all in there, if you don’t see it- you aren’t meant to know… know how Hayfork is.

      BTW- there is big water there, just underground. The one well flows over the head 24/7, the others are 40-60 gpm @ 40 feet. Wild trout live in the puddles, unless dickhead cattle guy let’s them free range and crap in the creeks. One year some people were fed up with the cows and drove them way, way, way down the 10- and then some.

      That area was a best kept secret and those parcels could be had for $20k and less, a mere five years ago. You can ride a quad to Arcata from there, also. Lots of madrone, old fir, and clear, clean springs.

      One year the momma bear with cubs was fired on by the hilltop growers and they spent thousands of rounds into a cave they were sure she was hiding. Mamma Bear flanked them, knocked their gen down a cliff, broke into their home, ate their food, took a dump in the kitchen, and wrecked their hippie palace. This took place while they were firing into the cave…. Mamma Bear has Ninja skills to send a McK back to the coast! LMAO!

      Hayfork isn’t what it was, just look at the racial profile of the schools now and you’ll know why so many old timers have sold out to Hmongs and up and left. I would guess that in the future the name will be changed to Hmongfork, as it has taken that name by locals over the last couple seasons.

      Still, Hmongfork still has some very nice people AND not everyone living there is a dope grower, money changer, sadly many are taking welfare-

      welfare is a check for not working in the free market. For instance TCSO is what I would called Unionized Welfare, so most of Weaverville is on Unionized Welfare also.

      I still see Hmongfork as it was years gone by and refuse to accept what it has become. It used to be a cool place to eat grateful dead album covers and watch the august meteor showers!

      Sadly, Pakistanis are buying things under shell corps and will be in direct competition with the Hmongs for water and housing. Honestly, the last thing the Fork needs is a curry problem on top of everything, but nothing has ever remained the same be it Tule Creek to the hills, or the dregs in town.

      The area has gotten so bad that the marshall’s office and tcso REFUSE to serve papers out there. So tell me, who is running things and who’s law is it?

  • I’m not familiar with your area, I’m in southern humboldt, east of Garberville. The only J Krew I know of is the clothing company, ( J Crew ). Thanks for the reply.


      I will tell you it’s a slang term, if you give it a second it might click.

      May pot growers never attempt to wage a losing war against wildlife in your neck of the woods…err, maybe they should because seeing them defeated makes for some great stories of days gone by.

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