Could Your Dep Buds Win the Golden Tarp Award?

Press release provided by The Ganjier:

weedThe Ganjier is proud to present the 2nd Annual Golden Tarp Award, Saturday, September 12th at the Mateel Community Center in Redway, CA. Entries for this year’s Golden Tarp Award are now being accepted and cultivators have until August 27th to submit their entry into this year’s light deprivation cannabis competition.

Called “a testament to the power of community” by Cannabis Now Magazine, the Golden Tarp Award is a celebration of the Emerald Triangle’s cannabis culture and a cannabis competition highlighting flowers produced using light deprivation, a cultivation technique that manipulates the light cycle of cannabis plants (typically through the use of tarps) with minimal electricity use.

All entries are tested for cannabinoids and cleanliness and must be free of pesticides, and fungicides in order to qualify. The top four in each of the four categories — Fruit, Floral, Earth and Fuel — are judged by 20 randomly selected patients and 5 hand-selected ganjiers. With awards given in three categories: Golden Tarp Award – awarded to the strain with the highest score, CBD Award – awarded to the strain with the highest CBD total, and the Ganjier Award – awarded to an under-recognized person for their contributions to the cannabis industry.

This year’s event will highlight art made in the cannabis community along with the season’s best cannabis as well as an exhibitor’s fair showcasing cannabis brands and farmer-friendly businesses. Our speakers and panels will feature thought leaders and veterans of the cannabis industry discussing topics such as cultivation best practices, genetics, compliance education, online marketing, and where the industry is now and where it’s heading, plus Humboldt Cannabis College will hold classes throughout the day.

Rules for Entry: All entries must be light dep flowers and must be submitted by August 27, to be tested through Pure Analytics. All entries must be grown and submitted by qualifying patients with a valid physician’s recommendation under full compliance with California State Law. Out of state submissions will not be accepted. Any contaminated samples will be disqualified.

The four strains in each category with the highest total cannabinoids will move on to the next round and be judged the day of the event. Entries will be judged by attendees who are granted a judgeship.

Become A Judge: Test your luck and win a free Judge’s Pass and help decide who wins this year’s Golden Tarp Award! Anyone with a ticket and a verified 215 recommendation has a chance to become a judge. Each patient entering the event has the option to roll a lottery machine. If the golden ball comes up, that person is granted a Judge Pass. Judge Passes may also be handed out on an individual basis. Judgeships are non-transferable.

The entry fee is $215 for the first entry and $170 for each additional entry, which includes lab testing from Pure Analytics, one Deluxe pass, and one T-shirt. Entries can be dropped off at Wonderland Nursery at 78 Bear Creek Canyon Road in Garberville, Healing Harvest Farms (Area 101) at 54895 Highway 101, Laytonville, or The Humboldt California Association at 601 I St. Suite B in Arcata.

In a nutshell
WHAT: 2nd annual Golden Tarp Award, Light Deprivation Cannabis Competition

WHERE: The Mateel Community Center, 59 Rusk Lane, Redway, CA

WHEN: 10:00AM to 10:00PM, September 12, 2015

TICKETS: $30 General Admission, $70 Deluxe Pass, $100 VIP

Deadline to enter: August 27, 2015





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