Suddenlink Reporting a Fiber Cut

Suddenlink services to some customers have been affected today by a cut fiber optic line.  Reader Matt Nova, who works for M.J.N. Network Consulting, said he received the following email from a Suddenlink employee at approximately 5:25 p.m.:

SuddenlinkWe have a fiber cut in the area around the hospital on Harrison.  This started about 2 hours ago and could be affecting all Suddenlink services in that area. The report is that PG&E employees were working in the area, a big rig truck came through their working zone after not stopping for flaggers, causing power lines to break and come down across our fiber lines and at least one pole to snap.  We have a fiber team on-site,  waiting for PG&E to allow us into the work area – however at this time it is still unsafe to enter due to downed electrical lines and poles.  No [estimated time of repair] at this time.



  • the misadventures of bunjee

    I drove through the spot about 7pm. Lots of Suddenlink trucks and cherrypickers on Harris St just as one goes down into the dip by S Street. Very low hanging wires in the area, one way flagged-traffic, and they were replacing one of the really tall overhead high-er voltage power poles. I even noticed that a couple customers had their cable and electrical connections torn straight off the fronts of their homes. Whoever was driving that truck had to be barreling right through a work zone to cause that much damage.

  • The flagger on the east bound side of the construction area was doing a poor job earlier in the day AND there was NO signage prior to the flagger. He was 1 foot from the sidewalk about 1/4 of the way down the dip in Harris. No sign saying “construction ahead” or “flagger ahead” preceded him. I am a contentious driver who was not distracted at the time I was traveling there and I drove right past the flagger holding the STOP/SLOW sign. I was able to stop and back up to him. This was around lunchtime and I retraced my route to be sure I hadn’t missed any signage and then I reported this to EPD and CHP. I was hoping when I left work this would have been corrected but it had not, the only significant change was the flagger had been moved to the top of the road near the Dolbeer crosswalk so he was more visible. Signage was clear on the west bound flaggers side. I wouldn’t necessarily lay all the blame on the big rig. It was unsafe all round.

  • Paisley: Bet you meant conscientious, not contentious, driver! Most people aren’t that honest!


    Don’t most normal cable companies run their wires UNDERGROUND? Just sayin’ maybe if they did things right the first time it wouldn’t need fixing down the road, or along the road in this instance.

    Why are they so terrible and can’t seem to ever get it right? Does someone pay them a bonus for screw ups, or is the local government giving them kickbacks to create some political drama and more fees?

  • Eureka Resident

    All those who are responsible the damage they caused in this case should be made to pay for the repairs,.

  • Underground utilities aren’t at the beck and call of any one utility. It’s a municipal infrastructure issue. This town has most of its utilities aboveground – I don’t know if some developments like Lundbar Hills might not have them underground. The town I lived in when I was in southern California had a mixture of neighborhoods – some one way and some another. Underground infrastructure is not a panacea – it has its own problems.


      Wonder what type of odds Vegas would put on Sudden-de-linked having another cable cut within the next three months?

      Has Sudden-de-linked even gone six months without a cut cable?

      And what ever became of the cable cutting that they were claiming was the work of The Vandals playing that song, Anarchy Burger? Did they ever catch anyone?

      I’d bet that somehow they are sleeping with the politicians and are cutting service THEMSELVES to raise more cash and fees, of which the politic zombies will get a cut either in public or private.

      When a monopoly business model fails, we need to look at the root of the problem.

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