Cal Fire Fights Multiple Fires in Humboldt Today, Here’s Updates for Tuesday Evening

bear fire

Bear Fire near Capetown.

Cal Fire stretched to its limits as it covered three fires south of Fortuna as well as the large Queen Complex by Pecwan simultaneously.

Here’s an update on all the Humboldt fires as of 9:15 p.m.:

Queen Complex: Reported July 26

Eel Fire: Reported today at approximately 2 p.m. It was quickly stopped at just a half acre.

eel in

Eel Fire photo provided by Cal Fire.

Bear Fire: (See photo to the top of this post.) Reported today at 4:51 p.m.

Willow Fire: (See story here.) Reported today at 5:45 p.m. 

Residents on Toth and Olson Road were given an Evacuation Advisory which has now been withdrawn.

Buck Fire: Reported today at 5:19 p.m.: This fire is still burning uncontrolled. Last report has it at 35 acres burning south to southeast. Residents of Little Buck Mountain Road are advised to pack their vehicles and be prepared to leave. There is heavy traffic on the roads as firefighting equipment is shuttled to the incident so drive carefully please.


Buck Fire photo provided by Jayded.



  • When I drove over the mountain on the Alderpoint road around 8ish there were a number of people pulled over watching the smoke. I would guess they were somewhere near where your photographer was. I saw a red flash and a small plane fly away, so I would guess that the red in this photo is fire retardant being dropped, not flames. I watched a few minutes and got the impression that the fire fighters were gaining the upper hand. Hope so. Guess we wait for the official update.

  • Good job guys! I live out Harris, and drove by when fire fist started. Ive been so nervous, Im so glad its contained at least

  • Look at that! They built a greenhouse then burnt it down! Idiots!

    • [edit] You have NO idea what happened. It had nothing to do with a greenhouse. Fires aren’t anything to treat casually or make snide comments about. It’s fire season. Get your head straight.

      • Actually I know exactly what happened, they built a greenhouse and then burnt it down. But I appreciate your point of view

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