[UPDATE With Photos] One Lane of 5th in Eureka Closed Due to Injury Traffic Collision

CaptureAs of 6:20 p.m., scanner traffic indicates that one lane of 5th Street in Eureka near commercial is closed due to an injury traffic collision between a silver Subaru and a GMC truck.

Please be careful in the area.

unnamedUPDATE 6:38 p.m.: Photos by reporter Oliver Cory.

DSC_0336 DSC_0323




  • People compete for that 3rd lane after the turn on to 5th st. like they were in a demolition Derby. Crazy traffic weavers get frustrated if they get boxed in coming up Broadway. When they round the corner, look out!!


      Humdummery one the road there for certain. I used to think people did that there because of the pulp mill fallout being so bad over there, but it’s been gone so long I don’t really know why.
      A Broadway by-pass should be built so normal people can simply avoid that part of town without endangering themselves on Eureka surface streets complete with GMOB, Mutants running out in front of their car, and oinks on motorcycles.
      Honestly, a tsunami would really be a blessing for Eureka allowing a clean slate to start over.

  • A by pass should have been built many years ago but our local politicians think we will shop there because we have to drive there… so they nixed that idea. Lazy Skunk Ranch called it right.

  • What so they can steal property from homeowners to sell to someone else later on to make a profit?

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