Images from Grows Taken During Operation Yurok

This afternoon, the Yurok tribe posted images from the marijuana raids last week. An album on their Facebook page states,

This year’s Operation Yurok resulted in the eradication of approximately 55,000 marijuana plants. Large-scale cannabis cultivation, on and near the Yurok Reservation, is responsible for robbing millions of gallons of cold water from several tributaries that feed the Klamath River. The main purpose of the two-week, collaborative operation was to return as much water as possible to the Klamath and the Tribe’s community water systems, which are located downstream of many of the illegal pot plantations. Large quantities of chemical fertilizers, as well as illegal grading and trash dumping, were a common visage at the environmentally destructive grow sites. Currently, the Klamath River is suffering from salmon-stressing, warm temperatures and low flows. Earlier this week, the Yurok Fisheries Program found adult Chinook salmon infected with Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Ich), the same deadly disease responsible for the 2002 fish kill. The pathogen thrives in warm, slow flowing water. These pictures are from about half of the total number of sites. Please help get the word out. It is illegal to grow marijuana on the Yurok Reservation.

Below are a selection of 12 photos from the album. See more here.


A residence.


Partially trimmed marijuana hanging on lines to dry.


Two agents dangling from a helicopter being ferried to a grow.


A pile of batteries found at one grow.


Fuel and trash around a small Honda generator.


A water tank near a marijuana grow.


Butane which is used to make hash.


There were several shrines to saints.


Many images showed leaking or wasted water.


Hooks are sometimes baited and used to catch wildlife.


An animal carcass drying.

In addition, a post on the tribe’s Facebook page shows the following photo:



The status describes the scene as an “unpermitted forest clearing at one of the sites visited by Operation Yurok. In addition to eviscerating five acres of forest, an entire spring-fed stream was diverted to support the illegal marijuana grow, which contained about 2,000 plants.”

According to the page administrator, the photo was taken of private land, “just off the Reservation, but they were taking water from a creek that empties into the Klamath.”



  • I love the residence, reminds me of POW rescue movies & video games. Chuck Norris, “Missing in Action” movie?

  • Is it just me or does it look like those drying pot plants went to seed?

    “There were several shrines to saints.”

    Durned Christians, always causing trubble!
    /Jk, haha ;op

    • It’s certainly possible considering the circumstances. It’s most definitely something that occurs in such large and inattentive ops. It’s not surprising to have plants from seed that’s been poorly sexed, if sexed at all.

  • Reminds me a place my uncle has in Costa Rica only a lot more of a mess.
    This looks like 10 years in the making. All those tires and batteries? That’s not a recent dump. People have been spending summers there for a long long time.

    I know guys all over the country who have memories of camping out on Humco farms dating back to the mid 80s.

    Trimming your pounds.


    In the fb pictures a bottle of roundup is shown. Does anyone know if they were using roundup as a plant growth regulator? In very dilute amounts it works very well on hedges, ground covers, etc. It will slow the growth for a week or two, followed by extreme lateral growth.

    Might be the latest thing since bushmaster was pulled….

  • A pound of beef takes over 1200 gallons of water….perhaps cannabis needs to stop being the scapegoat for all the real problems in the world.

    Seriously I doubt any of the folks bitchn about water and weed will think twice about eating meat with darn near every meal. Most folks use ,or eat products ,which daily tally up to thousands of gallons….but so easy to blame the tree


      Weed plants also don’t tromp over stream banks, crap in springs, and kill wild trout with their antibiotics.

      Yet, the Forest Circus allows cattle to kill trout and tries to stop quads from being in the forest. Go figure?

      Hay farms do way more damage with chemigation, broad leaf control injected into irrigation water, and use far more water than most other crops.

      They will NEVER focus on hay farms because the cattle alfalfa mafia is too strong and linked in to the good ole boy network.

      Once weed is legal, these enviro cops will have nobody to focus on besides cattle and hay farms…..

      they will get their just desert for thinking that selling out growers will shield them from the occupational tyranny that flows through the country like cancer in a bloodstream.

      In couple years we will see more and more ranchers getting busted and we will be able to laugh at how karma has brought them to where they will have an awakening.

  • So what do you & t eat. Whatever it is grown somewhere and uses water. It selfish to think that MJ is more important than food . Research mallows hierarchy of needs nowhere does it list weed as a basic necessity which food is.
    As for when weed gets legalized the bottom will fall out on pricing – why do you think we have so many “ecotourists” from WA, OR, CO?

    • If your kid had many seizures a day you would change your selfish attitude. There is food that is more sustainable than others, are you saying that if an industry is producing food it can rape the land?

      • There are many alternative to seizures besides Weed. If your child is having seizures you better be sure it’s not because of a malignant tumor before you start dosing weed to them. Food is a necessity for all of us to exist weed has alternatives and thus far has not been proven to be a necessity. One mans srlfishness does not make another’s existence and beliefs futile.
        By the way the legit form of weed that can be prescribed by a certified MD is called Merinol not weed and doesn’t require a 215 card.

        • …..and in most cases no better than a placebo…..and at a much higher cost than ingesting some other form of CBD. Cannabis plants provide food, building materials, medicine and recreation, which are all essential for LIFE! Legalize it, decriminalize it, get it out of the gutter and stop demoralizing it. That position is just pathetic.

        • Merinol? You either are brainwashed by big pharma or work for them

          • Try to get a doc to prescribe weed for you and I’m not talking about some cannabis coalition?
            Your statement about brainwashing works both ways.
            I am all for legalizing it and taxing it to the hilt and having drivers tested for impaired driving under the influence.
            I don’t think your healthcare covers it either so….
            There is not enough research currently to say what it’s full benefits are or side effects but one thing they have proven is that it decreases frontal lobe development in those under 20 which leads to poor reasoning skills.

        • Go ahead and Tax it to the hilt and we can not only keep the Black Market going but we can keep the “War on Drugs” going too. Yay. Great Plan, especially if you work for the Criminal Justice system. It would be like a snake eating it’s tail, sell it out of one end, spend it busting Growers out the other. /sarc

          • So if your in the weed business rules don’t apply to you. It should be tax free money at someone else’s expense. There’s a religion that has that same belief it’s called Yearning for Zion led by that guy that is doing time for child molestation – Warren Jeffs. They call it bleeding the Beast.
            How’s your back, weed & the VA thing going Jim?

          • Neat Strawman you’re building there bud, awesome how you could tie what I said into something to do with a Child Molester and as a matter
            of fact my back is killing me right now, thanks for asking. Do you have
            any more nosy, rude, none of your business questions for me?

        • More people die from prescription drugs then any other drugs, you can take merinol and anything else they prescribe you and see if you become a statistic, I will stick to the real thing that has been used as medicine for thousands of years

        • Maybe your health care covers harm by prescription drug?

    • Don’t forget, “self-actualization” is at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy…

    • Does anyone here know the percentage of crops, grown with water diverted away from sources that would normally feed our rivers, that get exported out of this country?

  • These guys sure stretched a dollar. Termites are gonna love those poles.

  • Are the cops sure that blue thing isn’t a yurt?

  • A lot of shrines to saints…cartels….
    The tribe’s FB page has comments by a long-time resident who wrote that she was raided, yard trashed and the agents knew they weren’t diverting water. They had lived there for 14 years… They got fucked.

  • Kym, why are there no photos of those arrested? Were any Tribal members arrested?

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