Guess Who’s Filming on the Avenue Right Now….

Casey Sarvinski, a Pepperwood farmer who has just finished picking produce for Arcata’s market tomorrow, tells us that there is a film production crew filming [cue breathless voice] right this very minute! [9 p.m. on Friday night.]

DunstOur guess is that Spiderman’s girlfriend Kirsten Dunst is filming Woodshock. There have been sightings across Humboldt this month.

Sarvinski says that the California Highway Patrol have traffic controlled on the Avenue of the Giants. The road, he said, is narrowed to one lane just north of Pepperwood. The filming is apparently taking place off in the woods a bit.  “They have large lights in one particular area [about] 60 feet off the road,” Sarvinski explained.

The local farmer thinks its “cool” that the filming is happening but he just wishes, “they would’ve bought some tomatoes while setting up today.”

UPDATE 8:32 a.m.: Casey Sarvinski sent us this photo from today. If you drive the Avenue to see the filming, stop at the first stand heading south and buy some of his fresh produce. Maybe he’ll have some tidbits on what’s happening.


Trailers and trucks line the Avenue north of Pepperwood as filming appears ready to continue today.




  • Also filming on the Avenue are dozens of go pro cameras affixed to motorcycle helmets or the mirrors of the antique cars headed to Fortuna…

  • I like the girl and all but wtf is up with shutting down the avenue, throw some cash on the table and even law enforcement starts jumping around for ya,..

  • It may be an intermitent inconvenience when film crews descend upon our area, but they do compensate businesses when they shut down an area to film. They also spend a lot of money while they are here. That’s why it costs ridiculous amounts of money to produce them. It’s also fun to watch a shoot, if you can get near one. I’ve infiltrated a couple of sets to watch the action. And hey,we all love going to the movies to be transported, dreamlike to another time and place by the big flickering screen. That shared emotional experience with strangers all laughing or sniffling together in the dark is surely magicical. Now, I hear Cillian Murphy is also in this movie, so we may get to see him about town too!

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Yeah, throw some cash around and things happen for you. Surprise! We endure short-term inconveniences once in a while for foot races, bike races, this and that and MOVIES. BFD. It promotes movie AND enviro tourism. That spreads money around locally and promotes the preservation of said environment. Our area is increasingly an intra-state, inter-state, and international tourist attraction. So, Stinkfootsteve, relax, burn a fattie, go sit in the river and enjoy the rest of the summer.

    Nice pic of Ms. Dunst. File it with Wikipedia under “fine.”

  • Humboldt is so gorgeous who wouldn’t want to make a movie etc here.its brings money here.they have been making movies here for a long long time.if you have never seen them shooting,go watch it’s so fun!!!

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