Fish and Wildlife Officers Find Meth and Wanted Man

Information provided from the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Facebook page.

Wildlife officers…apprehended a wanted felon the old fashioned way [last] weekend; they chased him down on foot. Two wardens were working a general fish and wildlife patrol along the South Fork of the Eel River when they came across several people living illegally along the river in homemade tents and possessing and using methamphetamine. After telling the people they had to move off of private property, and citing them for health and safety code sections and possession of drug paraphernalia, the officer’s moved to the next area.11745730_906878329391635_4910103389458208138_n

The wildlife officers found a couple living in an abandoned bus along the river under the highway overpass. During the interview the male suspect tried to provide the officers with false identification, but changing his name and birthday slightly every time he was asked for it. When the wildlife officer went to arrest the man for obstruction, he took off running toward downtown Garberville, leaving his female friend behind. He ran through thick brush and up a steep hill but didn’t make it far before he quickly fell over exhausted and was handcuffed.

The suspect was booked into jail in Eureka for resisting arrest, providing false I.D. to a peace officer and a felony warrant from Humboldt County. He also had multiple charges pending in Eureka and several restraining orders against him.




  • Who is going to get that bus off the riverbank ? come high water the gasoline and oil will spill into the Eel River.

    • Gas and oil are nothing compared to the toxic chemicals used and dumped by meth production.
      It makes worrying about pot grows and water seem meaningless; if theres water &its tainted&poisonous its almost worse. Are there any agencies testing the river for those toxins? Just imagine how many of these labs are in the hills and the cops wont bust em as its too dangerous for them.
      These idiots got caught as thats one of the most visible river spots. Where’s the study of effects of meth production near streams and creeks?

      • They are just trimmers waiting for looking for there next pot trim job

      • You should educate yourself first before spouting off on meth production. Meth labs are fairly nonexistent these days because of the cheap and plentiful supply of meth coming from Mexico. Can anyone remember when the last meth lab was busted around here? I can’t. ..

      • Meth is seldom manufactured locally.

  • Is this not a job for the HCSO? I guess they were busy elsewhere. Thank you Fish and Wildlife.

    • When it’s reported HCSO says it’s a fish and game matter.

      • it aint gettin any better

        the sheriff has no one to send most of time garberville has no cops. i recently called for a problem i was having and was told no one could respond. apparently they have like 4 cops on the weekend for our hole county. it is a joke

  • What’s up this year with people just living down by the river? What a joke, we don’t need a bunch of loser junkies squatting and crapping down there.
    What is up with the fish cops and the sherriff? This town isn’t going tolerate this crap and excuses much longer.
    The minute man are here and ready to take back this town and clean it up ulike our law enforcement!
    Heck the alder point skins have been waiting for the job as well,.. do something already!

    • Let’s hope some of that Measure Z funding that we were conned into voting for finds its way down here in the form of weekly sweeps of the transient camps, complete with buses to take them up north where there are at least some semblance of services for them. I think the LEOs will find this task a lot cheaper and easier than the impending task of dealing with the imminent vigilantism that threatens to rear its ugly head.

      • the only “LEOs” are sheriffs. and they certainly arent sending more people. highway partol are not even cops, they are about as useless as tittys on a boar hog. unless of course you crash your car or need a dui. sheriff cant even come to real crime calls cause they don’t have enough cops. the first vigilantism just happened with the guy that is brain dead. oh wait…the guy fell. sure. this is just the beginning. if they dont get more cops or at least use them more efficiency this well be the norm.

    • People in BMW’s crapping & pissing behind every tree on the AVE. OF THE GIANTS every day bothers me just as much. But I guess since they spend the big bucks its ok? Provide bathrooms for people, and places to camp, and this problem would be greatly reduced.

  • Ya vigilante justice is returning, its the only thing that tends to get the job done and scare away a*holes who want to live here to just make money and give two sh*ts about the community and environment. Meth/crank makers outta go first. Maybe this stupid meth bus will show folks how wasteful all these pot meetings and hearings are, both here & in Sacramento. Sorry if its too dangerous for our oh so tuff cops who like pointing guns in kids faces in the hills while busting pot. Meths too toxic for em and theres nothing of value to seize to fill cops pockets. Then they say no vigilante actions but dont do anything. I watched it happen multiple times in redway with a lil mob going after known child molester (who was wearing Barbie backpack) and both chp&hcso showed up & told everyone to go file some paper with his&that’s all they could do. Its the guy with the van with nasty writing on the outside who’s parked in eureka rite now. I called arcata p.d. when I saw that van by the arcata library & also epd but they could give a crap. Pot busts are way more important than protecting your kids so watch out!!!!!! Im amazed that guy is still alive.
    Think about it tho, u would never hear that guys true colors if he was found dead at a grow, it would just be used as fodder for the we hate growers movement so popular amongst enviros right now.

  • Shit Ill take the bus. Thats some solid space right there. Just need to tow it back to my property and begin the remodeling.

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