Updates: Some Answers and Some Unexplained Mysteries from the Naked Man to the Whodunit Homicide

Readers often have questions about stories–What happened next? Or they wonder about incidents that never get written up–What happened over there? Sometimes we get answers that aren’t really an entire story but are of interest to us and, we believe, to our readers. Sooo, here’s a short recap of what we think you might want to know:

  • What happened to the naked man? On July 17, a confused man fled from the Eureka Police Department (EPD) into the Humboldt Bay. The Sheriff’s Department boat arrived to rescue him from where he perched on a piling.
    bewildered2According to EPD spokesperson, Brittany Powell, the man was taken to the hospital. He was found to have “underlying medical issues” unrelated to mental health. Powell says that as of yesterday, she believes, “he is still in the hospital.”
  • danielleWhat were all the Humboldt County sheriff’s vehicles doing over the weekend in the Blue Slide area north of Rio Dell? Lt. Wayne Hanson explained that officers were investigating the area where a skull belonging to missing woman Danielle Bertolini had been found.  “We were conducting follow up looking for any possible human remains on the river bar,” he explained. “We did not locate anything of value.”
  • Did anything ever come of the countywide BOLO for a female possibly being kidnapped in Eureka? On July 19, the EPD received two separate 911 calls reporting a woman screaming as she was pulled into the vehicle near the cross of California and West Del Norte Street.Brittany Powell, spokesperson for the EPD stated that there were no new developments in the case. She explained that officers had tried hard to find the possible victim. “[A]ll available units searched the area, talked to witnesses, [and] did field interviews with any vehicle matching the possible descriptions,” she said. But, Powell explained, conflicting descriptions complicated search efforts. “One witness described the vehicle as white and another described it as black,” she pointed out.
  • If the Weitchpec raids (aka Operation Yurok) were really over last week, what’s up with the helicopter and law enforcement still in the area this week? 

    Helicopter flying over marijuana plants in Weitchpec. [Photo provided by a reader.]

    According to spokesperson for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, and the Yurok Tribe’s Facebook page, the actual raids are completed. Cleanup of environmental damage on public or tribal land continues though. “This week, law enforcement officers from the Yurok Public Safety Department, California National Guard Counterdrug Unit and BIA will be dismantling water diversion systems and remediating environmental damage at several sites,” explained the Tribe’s Facebook page.
  • Are there any new developments in the homicide of Casey Joseph Campbell? Just before 4 a.m. on November 15 of last year, the EPD responded to reports of gunfire on 15th Street. Officers found the 22-year-old Campbell lying in the street. Lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful. Chief Andrew Mills later called the homicide a whodunit. And, unfortunately, Brittany Powell tells us that while the case is still an active investigation, there is “[n]o new information to release at this time.”  Sometimes, we just like to know that a death hasn’t been forgotten. We like to know that the whodunit still has a chance of being solved and that a murderer might get caught.


  • What happened with DEA and forest service raid in fortuna? Any updates?

  • Humboldt Native

    Absolute silence also on the machete swinging thief who was shot on Indian Island.

    • Jenny Wall Kesselring

      Yes, if the machete wielding suspect was shoot on Indian island…..why hasn’t anyone updated Johhny Chiva’s blog????

  • I agree with HN. Nothing on the Indian Island case.

  • Justice for Tommy McClain

    Also what ever happened to Tommy McClain the kid who was murdered by officer Linfoot? Why has that case been silenced? Isnt there a lawsute filed also? Why is humboldt being so back woods on the fact that Eureka police completely covered his murder up??

    • Officer involved shooting

      The humboldt county DA announced months ago that after their investigation they would not be filling charges against the officer. Not sure what gave you the idea the case was being silenced but they wrapped it up months ago. The dudes family is trying to score tax payer money now and filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

    • Jenny Wall Kesselring

      Yeah!!!! and why did [edit] set my van on fire?

  • Thanks for these updates Kym…

  • Most appreciated. Thank you for the updates.

  • Really appreciate the followup on news stories, I have always wanted a regular feature that does that for local news. Include me on the list of folks that wants a followup on the Indian Island story too. Thanks for all your work!

  • Yes, a regular column for updates would be great. I would like a medical update on Dr. Cindy and her brother.

  • Appreciate the updates, keep up the good work.

  • Jenny Wall Kesselring

    And who is being held accountable for the destruction by theft and fire of the van in Manila that took place at the end of May???

  • I think you got lost while trying to Make your way to the lost coast outpost comments section.

  • I think it’s going to be a LOT of work to try to keep us updated on this stuff. It’s more than most of us can do to keep our questions in mind unless it was a story that some how stood out enough to pull us out of our daily grind and make us think about it, wonder about it, want a good resolution to it badly enough that we don’t just lose it in the river of news events.

    You’d need some system to prompt you to inquire, to keep inquiring, to keep getting mostly no satisfaction from your inquiries, and keep reporting that there’s nothing to report.

    Though this MIGHT encourage the various agencies to keep on stuff, and to keep releasing statements to update us, which SHOULD be their job to begin with.

    Personally, in all the times I’ve read the releases here or listened to press conferences or reports of them on KMUD or various newspapers, I’ve most often been struck by the DEARTH of information beyond what was already obvious to witnesses or anyone who’d just gotten the initial specs off a scanner. Most recently I was gobsmacked by the pathetic press conference given by Sheriff Allman about the Barton case, but he shouldn’t be singled out.

    The new Del Norte sheriff also keeps the information down to a bare minimum needed to SEEM as though he’s informing us while he’s spending most of his time on lavish praise of his staff and other first responders. It’s gotten to be like listening to politicians with moving lips.

    And anyone who wants to see that things are handled well and in accord with decency and high professional standards is treated like a busybody or an annoying mosquito.

    Without actually coming out and saying it, their actions are screaming to us to just shut up, go shopping and leave it to them to be The Authorities, STUFF our human interest, DON’T presume to have the right to insist on anything from them AND just let their decision to say anything to us at all stand as our due measure of respect.

    Everyone seems to be spending most of their time embodying their job title, as opposed to doing their job. So much of the time one comes away from the reporting trying to sift through the mountains of obfuscation to get to the kernel of real information that might have been actually leaked to the public.

    I think Kym and Oliver are doing great work keeping us up on what’s happening around us, but I think having to try to get updates on even half of what’s left in midair is going to be adding quite a lot to their already busy days.


      Welfare Unions make that happen….


      WELFARE is a check given for NOT working in the Free Market.


      how much indoor goes to the bay? Doh!

      It’s very quiet there, regardless of having someone with their face tat standing behind you at Safeway.

      You can rent cars at the airport, though.

  • Does anyone know what happened on the steep hills above Alton and highway 36 last week? I saw a Coast Guard chopper with an airman deployed to the ground near what appeared to be a person.

  • Meaghan Simpson

    Thank you Kym Kemp
    Yes I too crave an updates column. I just called director Verbena Lea at PARC – Peoples Rights for Action Community…located in Old Town Eureka for many years…

    Director Verbena has been ardent ambassador for victims of injustices and an articulate consistent educator of rights via Cop Watch public education events and daily access for those that need to know.

    Verbena has followed numerous cases of Eureka City PD excessive force and killings over past 15 years. She attended the Fed Court, S.F. Case of Martin Cotten several years ago which found them guilty and fined Eureka City something like $4.7 million
    Some of which was to be awarded to Martin Cotten’s family for his wrongful death…
    …City of Eureka appealed this very rare case of holding police accountable for excessive brutal force used on someone… Contact PARC/ verbena for full updates.
    She was scheduled for big conference call when I reached her so no time for full report at length… But she knows the Tommy McLain family are fully engaged with attorneys making case for McLain family against Eureka PD

    Please enjoy contact and support the fundraiser ongoing: http://PARC.2truth.com

    email: peoplesarc@gmail.com
    Web page: http://parc2truth.com
    you caring.com/other/help-keep-PARC-open-for-the-people-/153592
    Phone: 707-442-7465

  • Thank you for taking the time out of your already busy life’s &caring enough to at least try to keep US informed personally for me you are restoring faith that some people still care thank you very much

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