Man Arrested in Fatal Fort Bragg Hit and Run

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol – Ukiah Area. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

CaptureOn 07-20-2015, Mendocino County Major Crimes Task Force member located a 1998 Red Nissan pickup truck with front end damage wanted in connection with the fatal hit and run collision. The vehicle has been seized and the investigation into the identity of the driver continues…

[A]t approximately 1545 hours Officer Zane arrested Isabel Gutierrezvillarreal of Fort Bragg, Ca for charges of 2000 l(a) VC­ Hit and Run causing injuries or death, and 192.5 PC- vehicular manslaughter. Gutierrezvillarreal was booked into the Mendocino County Jail.

The Califonia Highway Patrol would like to thank the public and the Media for all the support.

Earlier Chapter: Mendocino CHP Seeks Red Pickup Involved in Fatal Crash



  • Let’s hope Mendo.Co.keeps their criminals locked up.So sorry to the familys.god bless

  • One wonders if this man is an illegal , As we have open borders and the beautiful young girl was killed in San Francisco by a illegal who cams back 6 or 7 times. wait- can I say this without being labeled a racist ?

  • we have a lot of killers illegal or not his citzenship has nothing to do with this

    • Since we have so many locally do we need to import them. Enough with the local violence. It cannot be tolerated anymore as it seems criminals now have more rights than law abiding citizens.

  • Jacob Aaron Howard
    ty all for your thoughts & prayers, my 1st born nephew Jacob Aaron Howard has passed in a tragic accident,…/cyclist-struck-killed-on-hig…#
    our family is suffering from a devastating loss, he will be forever missed by all.
    Jacob, grew up in Yolo County & graduated from Esparto High school.
    Has ties to Knights Landing as well, His mother Brenda (miller) Howard, his brother Chris really need your support,
    Jacobs grandma Fannie Mae Miller of Knights Landing, and Sierra Vista, Ariz., passed Nov. 5, 2006. he was deeply lost then. Jake was the step grandson, to Vernon Danley of Colusa Co. (my father), who passed in April of 2012., in October 2014, Jake lost his grandma Gladys Danley of Tehama County (my mom) to cancer & in March 2015, Jake lost his father, Bob “woody” Williams of Woodland (my mothers” son) & now we loose him. his family & friends are shocked, Jake will be deeply missed. although, his murderer or killer was caught, the family needs you……/…/890517957695689…
    love you Jake RIP

  • Douglas Coulter

    A man is dead! What kind of weapon killed him? What race was his killer? Will any of these questions bring him back to those who loved him? Media loves this crap but I’ll not take part in their blame fest.

  • Jake was a good friend! I will always miss you Jake! He was one of a kind! A childhood friend of over 20 years! A very free spirited person!

    Apparently he was murdered by this fat PIG! The guy looks like a complete waste of human flesh!!! I hope he has a real hard time in jail, and never gets out! NEVER! Just suffer in jail MF! suffer! Scum like you deserve nothing! I hope you get to read this you POS, and just know that I HATE YOU INTENSELY! Thoughts of your suffering, make me smile!!!!

    RIP my brother Jacob! You will never be forgotten! I wish we had more time to chill! The times we did have, will always be fond to me! At least we had some real good times! – It was so like you to pass at 4:20! so like you. It was like your last little pun on life! –

    • martha simmons

      ty Ben T sign his aunt, went to the sentencing what a joke he didn’t get what he deserved. Jakes gone. but this guy gets to live in jail paid by taxpayers.

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